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I have to give props to the writers of Once Upon A Time. Just when we thought Once couldn’t get more convoluted we find out that Peter Pan is none other than Rumplestiltskin’s father!

The theme of family and abandonment is a vein Once Upon a Time taps in almost every episode, but “Think Lovely Thoughts” was brimming with drama, and everyone is having issues.

Dr. Horn was introduced this season as ‘Revolution’s’ sadistic new villain, and the show’s writers had a predictable answer on why his character’s mindset is so completely warped. Why it’s because Dr. Horn was raised as a Christian, of course!

We were wondering when the iconic Darlings would finally appear!

“Dark Hollow” revealed that Wendy has been Peter Pan’s prisoner for a century, and her brothers, John and Michael, were forced into being Pan’s evil hipster minions. The duo cruise into Storybrooke fresh out of a Ginsberg reading at Busboys and Poets. I’m now patiently waiting for the episode which features the Once Upon a Time version of Harvard Sailing Team’s “Hipster Thanksgiving.”

Here’s a novel take in the left’s war on Christ and Christmas: a celebration of sinful behavior. The gay-friendly channel “Logo” – which airs shows such as “RuPaul’s Drag Race” – is lauding their “7 Days of Holiday Sin” with an especially lewd promo. 

The ad begins with the words “O Come All Ye Sinful” in front of clips of male strippers. Afterwards, a nearly topless woman shakes her breasts at the camera while saying “Let’s get naked.” 

Editor’s Note: This story contains graphic language.

In 2005 Comedy Central aired a special from actor and comic Denis Leary called “Merry Fucking Christmas” and Leary degraded the Christian holiday with references to alcoholism, drug use and sexual misconduct.

Now, available at your local bookstore, Leary’s nightmare Noel is in a mock children’s book titled “Merry F***in' Christmas.”

The film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s famous 1957 beat generation novel “On the Road” hits theaters on Dec. 21, and audiences will be treated to a variety of sex scenes involving Kristen Stewart’s 15 year-old-character Marylou. 

“Kristen Stewart goes to bed with two men at the same time, gives both of them simultaneous hand jobs in the front seat of a car and performs oral sex on one of them while he's driving said car. She also appears topless twice, once just minutes into the movie, and spends much of the rest of her time doing drugs and robbing people,” Huffington Post’s Michael Hogan wrote in September.

Kristen Stewart plays promiscuous 15-year -old (threesome and all) in film adaptation Kerouac book.

Everyone’s favorite irrelevant celebrity is at it again. Jason Biggs, whose wife famously tweeted about child rape, joined an avalanche of lefties who are spewing hatred on the Pope’s new Twitter account.

On December 3 Biggs tweeted to the Pope, “Hey @pontifex since u obvs like the web and shit u should totes peep lots of great ass ur welcome.”

ABC sitcom laden with lefty agenda themes.

One was a self-educated rail-splitter and circuit lawyer in humble frontier towns. The other is an Ivy League-educated radical who only ventured out from his comfortable Hyde Park digs for some day work stirring up trouble as a “community organizer.” But to watch MSNBC is to learn that Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama have so much in common.

In the run-up to Obama’s re-election and in the weeks since, as the movie “Lincoln,” opened, the media have hyped similarities between the two presidents. It’s helpful to them that the film is a product of high-profile liberal Steven Spielberg and associated with Participant Media, the same lefty company that produced Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Angus T. Jones who plays the character Jake on “Two and a Half Men” said you “cannot be a true God-fearing person” and act on a show like “Two and a Half Men.”

“I’m on ‘Two and a Half Men’ and I don’t want to be on it,” Jones said in a video testimony for a religious website.

Lena Dunham, famous for her awful sex scenes and pro-Obama ad which likened voting to losing your virginity is being hailed as one of Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year.”

Glamour declared
the 26 year old was “immensely likable” and a “voice of her generation.” Reporter Emma Rosenblum couldn’t quite write the story without an obsessive fangirl mentality.  “She [Dunham] become one of the most powerful women in Hollywood since the April premiere of her show, which she—deep breath—created, stars in, and also directs,” Rosenblum wrote.

Dunham rewarded for sleazy show ‘Girls’ and Obama virginity ad.

CMI caused controversy by pointing out gender-bending ad featuring Lyons’ son.

When the first season of Ryan Murphy’s twisted blood-and-sex fest premiered on FX in 2011 Entertainment Weekly put “American Horror Story” at the top of its “Must-Watch” list.

The original “American Horror Story” pushed explicit content on cable television with voyeurism, dual masturbation, graphic sex and an unhealthy dose of murder, blood and gore. It even featured a child taking vengeance on a bully by slashing his face to bloody ribbons for 43 seconds.

According to the PR “experts” in USA Today's rolodex, it’s downright unnatural that Chick-fil-A is a successful and thriving business. Who knew that so many people supported traditional marriage?

In a piece headlined “Surprise: PR nightmare didn’t damage Chick-fil-A,” Bruce Horovitz was shocked that the popular chicken chain’s markets share and awareness increased after President Dan Cathy told a religious publication his company was “guilty as charged” in supporting the biblical definition of marriage.

Editor’s Note: This article contains profanity.

Whatever else his electoral troubles, president Obama seems to have the all-important hip-hop star demographic sewn up. Rapper Jay-Z recently released an ad which detailed his love for president Obama, and encouraged young voters to vote with Obama in November.

The president, whose re-election campaign has been heavy on soak-the-rich class warfare rhetoric, apparently welcomes the endorsement of this member of the imperial 1 percent. Jay-Z has earnings of more than $460 million.

Ryan Murphy’s NBC sitcom is Democratic agitprop.

“Those who came here insulting Islam and the Koran, I will take revenge on them,” said  a Taliban suicide bomber with a chilling smile. Moments later he drove a truck loaded with 10,000 kg of explosives into U.S. Forward-Operating Base Salerno in Khost, Afghanistan, killing two U.S. soldiers.

It was all captured on a Taliban propaganda video narrated by an Al Jazeera reporter. (Video below.) It’s currently available for anyone to see on YouTube. More shocking, the Taliban have their own YouTube channel, though it is mostly dormant.

Waiting to have sex until marriage? How 19th Century! According to liberal websites like “Jezebel” and “The Stir,” saving oneself for marriage is too old and out-dated for this “progressive” world we live in.

Cue outrage from liberal mouthpieces when Steven Crowder, a conservative commentator and Fox News contributor, published his testimony on why he remained celibate until marriage.