‘View’ Goes Nuts Over Ivanka's ‘National Security’ Risk, Completely Dismissed Clinton Email Scandal

November 20th, 2018 2:02 PM

Tuesday on The View, the liberal hosts were thrilled by the news that Ivanka Trump used her own personal email address to correspond about White House business. Tying it to Hillary Clinton’s private email server debacle, Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar attacked their conservative co-hosts for pointing out it wasn’t the same as Clinton’s email problem.

Sunny Hostin started off by calling the idea that Ivanka was ignorant about this protocol, “BS,” adding that it was “one of the first things” you are taught when you enter the White House, citing her past experience working for the Justice Department. Calling Ivanka a hypocrite, with an “unprecedented role” in the White House, she gushed “They’re breaking rules left and right!”

Joy Behar added that President Trump was a hypocrite as well.

Everything he’s said about her, he’s doing. Drain the swamp. Dozens have been indicted. Hillary’s emails? She’s got an email situation. He’s in the middle of a constitutional crisis pretty soon!

While Meghan McCain agreed that it was hypocritical and Ivanka should’ve known better she pointed out the differences between the two situations adding that Clinton personally had her emails deleted and had her computer destroyed.

Whoopi dismissed McCain’s points, saying it didn’t “change the fact” that both used private emails for government business. “Destroying emails during an investigation is still different and smashing devices with a hammer to me is still different,” McCain shot back. She added that there were much more important issues of national security to focus on.

“I think it’s very important, actually,” Hostin retorted, as Behar added her agreement.

After Huntsman took McCain’s side, Hostin pressed, “Why does she get a pass?” repeatedly.

“You're saying this is not that important. This is a matter of national security!” she gushed. Funny enough, Hostin had no qualms about “national security” when she defended the murderous illegal alien gang MS-13, back in January.

As the hosts talked over each other, Whoopi cut to commercial.

The liberal hosts getting up in arms about this story is particularly hypocritical, considering all the efforts they put in defending Hillary Clinton during her e-mail scandal, which was far worse.

In 2016, Sunny Hostin even denied that Clinton did anything wrong, saying “there is no case” against her. She also ludicrously claimed that Clinton was off the hook because she didn’t know she was breaking the law (even after she had her computer destroyed.) Which is exactly the opposite argument she made today about Ivanka, claiming it was impossible for her not to know she was breaking the rules. Isn’t it interesting that Hostin thinks the Secretary of State and former First Lady gets a pass but a first time White House aide should know better?

Joy Behar is also a hypocrite because she dismissed the e-mail scandal back in a 2016 episode, yelling, “Nobody cares!” at then-host Jedediah Bila.

Whoopi also did her part in defending Clinton. Shortly after the election, she scolded anyone who didn’t trust Hillary. “You haven’t done your homework,” she lectured, touting Clinton as someone who “knew what they were doing.”