ABC's Hostin Wonders: 'What Makes Hillary So Untrustworthy' ... Apart from Benghazi?

May 21st, 2016 4:33 PM

On Friday's The View on ABC, during a discussion of trust issues surrounding presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, co-host Sunny Hostin cluelessly wondered "what makes Hillary so untrustworthy" as co-host Paula Faris asserted that both candidates are "untrustworthy."

Hostin then demanded to know, "Why is she untrustworthy? How many lies has she told?" and, when co-host and FNC contributor Jedediah Bila began recalling Benghazi, Hostin deflected by demanding to know what else other than Benghazi.

About 15 minutes into the show, Faris -- who anchors Good Morning America on weekends -- began expanding on the trust issues of both candidates: "I think these are probably two of the most untrustworthy candidates that we've ever had." Hostin then jumped in: "But what makes Hillary so untrustworthy?"

Faris continued:

But listen. These are two of the most untrustworthy candidates. I don't trust either of them, but the fact that -- people are not looking for him to be a saint-in-chief. They're not voting for Trump because he's a good guy. They want somebody to shake up Washington. They believe he can do that. She's been in Washington for how long? And a lot of people have no idea what she's truly done.

Coming to Clinton's defense, Hostin demanded: "Let me ask you this, Paula. I just mentioned only three of the Trump lies, only three. I've got a stack. How many lies? Why is she untrustworthy? How many lies has she told?"

Bila, who had earlier railed against Clinton over Benghazi, shot back: "On the night of the Benghazi attack, she sent an email..."

Hostin then retorted: "Other than Benghazi. You already called Benghazi. What else? What else?"
Bila then brought up the Clinton email scandal, leading to dismissal from co-host Joy Behar as she asked the audience if anyone cared:

JEDEDIAH BILA: Her email scandal. She gave over certain emails.

JOY BEHAR (looking to the audience): How many people care about the email scandal?

BILA (looking at the audience): Do you care about transparency?

BEHAR: Three people. Nobody cares.

Faris then further indicted Clinton's ethics: "We were just discussing today about how many scandals that are surrounding her. There are like 20. I mean, but people don't trust her, and they don't trust him, and that's the bottom line."

Bila soon argued:

You're talking about stuff he says, and I'm talking about stuff Hillary has done. She goes into Libya, she ousts Gadhafi, it's a terrorist haven. She deceives you about Benghazi. She says, "Oh, it's not terrorism, it's not terrorism."

In the meantime, she's telling her daughter it is terrorism, she's speaking with world leaders saying it is terrorism, then getting on TV saying that it's not. I'm talking about this woman is a former Secretary of State. She as a record, and it's a record of deceit.