9/12 DC Marchers Take on More than Government Fiscal Policy -- The Media

September 14th, 2009 1:24 AM

Maybe there's a reason why the media have either denigrated or completely ignored the Sept. 12 march in Washington, D.C. - they were highly critical of their job performance as well.

Aside from protesters taking on CNN reporter Lisa Desjardins, as NewsBusters Matt Sheffield pointed out, there were also other pockets of backlash against media evident at the march, which were captured on video (pardon my shoddy camera work).

The march that preceded the rally in front of the U.S. Capitol took place on Pennsylvania Avenue, from Freedom Plaza to the West Lawn of the Capitol went directly in front of the Newseum, a building erected that supposedly honors those deemed the most important practitioners of the First Amendment - the news media. Marchers chanted, "Shame on the press," as they passed the colossal 250,000-square-foot building dedicated to the press situated between the White House and the U.S. Capitol on Pennsylvania Avenue. (0:17)

They also chanted the same words as they passed a motorcoach painted with CNN logos, which was set up in front of a set near the after-march rally.

And Desjardins wasn't the only CNN reporter to feel the wrath of the anti-mainstream media outrage. CNN Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser also got his share of calls by the participants, which a lot of didn't make it to air on CNN. (0:42)

"You're supposed to use freedom of the press to protect us," one participant yelled at Steinhauser, expressing his frustration with CNN's decision to down play the ACORN scandal covered by Fox News and the circumstances surrounding the background of President Barack Obama's green jobs czar, Van Jones. "So where have you guys been?" (0:56)

Steinhauser also faced chants of "Glenn Beck," "Tell the truth," and a term conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh employs - "State-run media." (1:21)