Parler CEO Blasts Social Media for Allowing Taliban, Khamenei, CCP — Banning Trump

August 26th, 2021 10:41 AM

Twitter’s decision to ban “the alleged dictator of America, Donald Trump,” from its platform is startling in light of how the platform has treated accounts run by actual dictatorships like the Taliban and the Chinese Communist Party.

On Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business Network show Mornings with Maria, Parler CEO George Farmer said it was “terrifying” to see former President Donald “Trump being labeled as a dictator in the United States, and then, of course, when it comes to a real dictator in the Far East, or when it comes to a real terrorist group out of the Middle East, you have, you know, social media giving free rein.”



Bartiromo and Farmer both found it “remarkable” that such a debate was even occurring. “I mean, should we give a voice to active terrorist groups? No. It's amazing that social media, which directly censors sitting presidents, decides to not censor terrorist groups based out of the Middle East,” Farmer told Bartiromo.

Farmer added that it was “remarkable” the Taliban, as well as the president of Iran, has been allowed to operate accounts on Twitter for so long. “I mean, all these, all these Middle Eastern-based groups, they just seem to have been able to get free rein on social media,” Farmer told Bartiromo.

Bartiromo appeared to agree with Farmer’s assessment. “And it's not just the Taliban. You also have the propaganda sites for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” she added. “The CCP has made it very clear that their intention is to overtake the United States as the number one super power, and yet, all day long, I see tweets from the Global Times, Xinhua News, which is the exact spokesperson, the mouthpiece of the CCP.”

For its part, Facebook chose to uphold its ban on all Taliban operated accounts following the terrorist group’s takeover of Afghanistan. However, Facebook has been just as much a culprit — if not more so — than other Big Tech companies when it comes to allowing CCP propaganda to flourish on its platform.

The Media Research Center found at least 40 accounts on Facebook being operated by CCP propaganda outlets, which altogether amassed over 751 million followers on the platform. That follower count is over six times the number of followers CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, ABC News, NBC News, The Washington Post and CBS News have combined on the platform.

Altogether, Big Tech’s motives have become even more questionable by the day. “[T]he alleged, you know, dictator of America, Donald Trump, which [sic] was painted as this great monster by social media, can't express himself on social media,” Farmer said. “So the argument collapses upon itself straight away.”

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