If you’re not preparing now to serve our future robot overlords, then you’d better start. Amazon, since at least Jan. 2019, has been hard at work developing what it calls a “fully-electric delivery system – Amazon Scout – designed to safely get packages to customers using autonomous delivery devices.” Amazon has already developed Amazon AI. You know her as Alexa, and her counterpart is the Echo. Alexa, Amazon notes, is “Amazon’s cloud-based voice service,” and it is available “on more than 100 million devices from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers.” From playing music to making phone calls to family members, and from setting timers to sharing the weather forecast – even learning French – Amazon Alexa could be in the infancy stages of what could otherwise be considered the core of Skynet.

Comedian Terrence K. Williams of “The Deplorables” comedy troupe, pleaded for help Friday amidst fears Twitter was targeting his account for his support of President Trump. A popular blue check conservative with over 600,000 followers, Williams received a legal warning from Twitter right before he was to go to the White House’s “Young Black Leadership Summit.”

RESTON, VA — The Free Speech Alliance (FSA), a coalition of conservative organizations and conservative leaders committed to protecting free speech online, surpassed 60 members today. Recent members to the FSA include: PragerU, Susan B. Anthony List, America’s PAC, and Independent Women’s Forum. As big tech companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter continue to de-platform conservatives, it is more important than ever for conservatives to band together in the fight to protect free speech online. That is why the FSA was formed. 

On July 30, a Guardian article bashed the president, saying people should unfollow Trump because “there is nothing positive to be gained by following or engaging with Trump on Twitter.” The Guardian said The New York Times has also called him “the most dangerous man in Britain.” There have been over 100 stabbings in London this year alone…

Businesses might be in trouble with another European rule tied to the use of Facebook’s famous “Like” buttons. With the help of certain companies, Facebook has been able to track your web browsing data, according to The Verge. According to the European Court, this was being done without the users’ consent whenever they visited a site with a like button.

Facebook users are getting more of liberal CNN, but a different kind of show. CNN’s newest Facebook-funded show, “Go There,” is premiering on Facebook’s video-on-demand service Facebook Watch on July 29. It will hit the ground running with a new format to focus on key liberal issues.

Facebook has a lot of problems -- from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, to record level fines, to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation. So teen vaping doesn’t seems like a sn odd issue for the company to be mobilizing against. While the number of adolescents vaping has increased 80% in the last year, is Facebook really in a position to address the “epidemic?”

Andrew Yang formerly supported breaking up Google, but in the last couple of weeks, the candidate has flipped his stance on the issue.

On July 16, Whittaker took a stand against Google. The former employee published an article on Medium.com exposing the company saying that her presence “at the table” as an advocate to change AI’s problems was merely for looks. Whittaker has left Google to address big tech’s “ethical crisis.” 


A July 15 Facebook post from Webster complained that Sheriff Ed Gonzalez does nothing about the “criminal illegal immigrants” that inhabit Harris County, Texas. Shortly after posting, Gonzalez came out with a Tweet saying he “just got suspended from Facebook for seven days.” 

As of July 15, Facebook will likely be facing a 5 billion dollar fine from the Department of Justice (DOJ) for privacy issues caused by the scandal. USA Today says “the company had violated a consent agreement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that entered into in 2011.” The fine is being sent to the DOJ for final approval today.

Have you heard about Amazon’s Alexa? She may have heard you. Reports came out in April that full time contract workers for Amazon in the U.S., Costa Rica, and Romania have been listening up to 1,000 audio clips, some of them lasting up to nine hours.