Screenshot May Have Exposed Twitter’s Blacklist and Shadowban System

July 16th, 2020 2:32 PM

Twitter was rocked by a massive “security incident” yesterday, and in its wake purported blacklisting tools may have been exposed. Big Tech’s infamous lack of transparency has outraged leaders on both sides of politics, but the  incident appears to have blown the platform wide open. “A Twitter insider was responsible for a wave of high profile account takeovers on Wednesday, according to…

Too Bad, So Sad: CNN Furious at Twitter for Not Censoring Trump Enough

July 15th, 2020 3:46 PM

After years of Russiagate conspiracy mongering, CNN is furious at Twitter for not doing more to censor President Donald Trump’s concerns about the risks of mass mail-in voting. CNN praised how Twitter has fact-checked Trump’s tweets, but declared that this is nowhere near enough. The liberal network explained that now, “seven weeks later, and after a dozen similarly untruthful tweets from the…

NYT Begs Twitter to Cork Trump:'Hey @jack...More Questionable Tweets'

June 6th, 2020 12:07 PM

The New York Times, not content with pathetically apologizing for its own opinion pieces, is trying to nudge Twitter into further censoring of President Trump. Linda Qiu’s “Fact Check” on Thursday took a turn for the censorious, begging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to squelch Trump’s tweets: “Hey @jack, Here Are More Questionable Tweets From @realdonaldtrump.” And the…

Trump Expected to Launch Executive Order on Big Tech Censorship Today

May 28th, 2020 12:15 PM
Twitter’s choice to fact-check the president’s genuine concern over the hazards of mail-in voting appear to have been the last straw. “President Donald Trump is expected to issue an executive order today that seeks to punish social media companies for making editorial judgments about the content on their platforms,” NBC News & MSNBC senior media reporter Dylan Byers…

Bozell Demands Consistency from Twitter CEO Dorsey

May 22nd, 2020 1:51 PM
RESTON, Va --- On Friday, MRC Founder and President Brent Bozell sent the following open letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey demanding consistency in policing of satirical content. In part, Bozell wrote: "For the record, I'd like you to explain the difference between satire and satire. Unless satire by the left is admissible but by the right deplorable. But that would make Twitter a biased…

Twitter CEO Donates $5 Million to Push Universal Basic Income

May 22nd, 2020 1:47 PM
What liberals can’t achieve with the ballot box, they can count on Big Tech mega donors to bring to life. “Jack Dorsey, the billionaire CEO of Twitter and mobile-payment company Square, is giving $5 million to Humanity Forward” in order to “build the case for a universal basic income,” Rolling Stone reported. Democrat presidential primary dropout Andrew Yang…

Twitter CEO Pledges to Focus $1B on UBI After Coronavirus Disarmed

April 8th, 2020 3:44 PM
Move over big government! One Big Tech leader is the latest mover and shaker of liberalism now. Twitter and Square head Jack Dorsey pledged a whopping 28 percent of his wealth to help fund coronavirus relief, and promised the rest to girl’s health and education and Universal Basic Income (UBI). Failed Democratic presidential primary candidate Andrew Yang, whom Dorsey mourned over when he…

Bozell and Westen Call on Twitter to Restore LifeSiteNews Account

March 26th, 2020 12:38 PM
Media Research Center President Brent Bozell and John-Henry Westen, the co-founder and editor in chief of LifeSiteNews, co-authored an open letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Thursday. Bozell and Westen called on Twitter to reverse a decision to deactivate the account of LifeSiteNews over a tweet about a controversial transgender activist.The full letter can be found below:

Pew: Twitter-Using Dems Far More Liberal than Non-Twitter-Using Base

February 17th, 2020 5:08 PM
In a country where the squeaky wheel gets the grease, the Democratic Party may be getting led astray by a small but vocal minority on social media. A Pew Research Center study released Feb. 3 found that “The political views and primary candidate preferences of Democrats on Twitter differ from those who are not on the platform.” The report released some dire numbers,…

Twitter CEO Dorsey Mourns Yang’s Departure from Democrat Race

February 12th, 2020 11:14 AM
A wealthy billionaire tech CEO has endorsed the economically irresponsible concept of a universal basic income. Unfortunately for him, its advocate Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has dropped out of the race. Twitter head Jack Dorsey tweeted after the news of Yang’s departure broke, “Really sad Andrew is dropping out.” The tech giant, who is worth $5 billion…

Bozell & Graham Column: Twitter Tilts 2020 with Ad Ban

November 5th, 2019 11:10 PM
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has announced that Twitter will no longer accept political advertising on his platform. “We’ve made the decision to stop all political advertising on Twitter globally. We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought,” he tweeted. Let’s stipulate from the outset that Twitter should have that right. Let’s also stipulate that…

Conservatives Call on Social Media: Clarify Hate Speech Rules

May 16th, 2019 2:06 PM
On Thursday, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell and other conservative leaders released the following joint letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. They described the “alarming rise of anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic rhetoric in public discourse, especially online” and called for clarification on social media rules regarding hate speech policies.…

Twitter Criticized for ‘Conversational Health’ Changes

March 13th, 2019 5:13 PM
Twitter is getting ready to make major changes that are already being criticized as new ways to limit speech and benefit what the company CEO calls “healthy conversation.” Twitter unveiled new changes at the SXSW (South by SouthWest) tech conference being experimented within their Twttr app to be implemented into the main Twitter platform. The company hasmet swift criticism from…

Journalist Tim Pool Eviscerates Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Over Bias

March 6th, 2019 5:30 PM
Twitter CEO controls what people say on his platform. He found out he doesn’t have the same power appearing on the latest episode of the Joe Rogan podcast. It  featured Rogan and journalist Tim Pool teaming up against representatives from Twitter in a fiery debate that has since gone viral. Rogan and Pool blasted Dorsey on everything from banning conservatives over “learn to…