Study Shows More than 60% of Abortions are Done by Harmful and Deathly Abortion Pill

March 20th, 2024 3:28 PM

Abortion pills are probably the most dangerous way to kill your kid in the womb.

A recent study by the Guttmacher Institute, an overtly pro-abort group, indicated that of all the abortions that took place in 2023, more than 60 percent of them were conducted through chemical abortions induced by the abortion pill. This study comes just before the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments surrounding mifepristone, one of the two pills involved in the abortion pill regimen. 

The uptick in abortions using pills rose after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June of 2022. With SCOTUS pushing decisions on abortion laws back to the states, many areas used the opportunity to broaden abortion access while others took the decision to push more pro-life laws and protect innocent life. 

“As abortion restrictions proliferate post-Dobbs, medication abortion may be the most viable option - or the only option - for some people, even if they would have preferred in-person procedural care,” Guttmacher principal research scientist Rachel Jones said. 

Mifepristone and misoprostol, the two-pill regimen used to terminate a baby inside the womb and force a woman to deliver the dead baby, became widely accepted. Distributors began delivering them via mail to ladies all across the nation. Pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens stocked their shelves with them and recently, New York City became the first in the country to launch what it called “Virtual ExpressCare” for women to virtually visit with a doctor and get the pills shipped and delivered ASAP.

All that to say, there’s been intense moves by the left to distribute as many abortion pills as possible. 

According to the Guttmacher Institute’s report of the Monthly Abortion Provision Study, there were approximately 642,700 medication abortions in the United States in 2023 alone. This is a roughly ten percent increase in the number of medication abortions that took place in 2022. 

Sadly, that isn’t even the all-encompassing number.

“The medication abortion counts for 2023 do not include self-managed medication abortions that take place outside of the formal health care system or abortion medication mailed to people in states with total abortion bans,” the report noted.

That means that more than 642,700 babies were killed by just one method of abortion in 2023. How sick!

An important thing to note is that the abortion pill is not safe. The pills not only promote abortion as something that’s casual but they put women at extreme risk and, if successful, kill at least one human being. As a matter of fact, medication abortion has been reported to be “four times more dangerous” than surgical abortions and has reportedly increased abortion-related ER visits by 500 percent from 2002-2015.

Next Tuesday the Supreme Court will hear a case between the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA, which will likely point out the FDA’s negligence in researching these pills and how dangerous they really are. 

The Guttmacher Institute’s report puts a number to the reality of how influential these drugs are. It’s a sad, scary and harsh element of what pro-lifers are up against. The Guttmacher Institute insisted that “it is critical to ensure access to medication abortion” but I think it’s actually most critical to facilitate a culture that doesn’t think pregnancy is a disease that needs to be treated with pills or that babies' lives have no value. 

That’s what’s really critical.