NBC News Fearmongers: Claims Pro-Life Laws HURT Women

March 8th, 2023 12:49 PM

Just another daily dose of fake news. 

On Monday, NBC Nightly News shared a segment where correspondent Yamiche Alcindor blatantly lied to viewers by using one family's a tragedy to push her pro-abort stance. So much for the news reporting on facts. On Tuesday, the CBS Evening News followed suit in this coordinated PR campaign.

Alcindor highlighted the story of Amanda & Josh Zurawski who were expecting a baby girl. Unfortunately Amanda’s body began preparing for labor at around 18-weeks and she lost her daughter. NBC used the heartbreaking story to spread misinformation to its viewers. 

In the segment, Amanda said that when she found out that she was “going to lose the baby,” as her doctor said, she assumed they would go in and perform an abortion. However, the child wasn’t dead and Amanda was still in fine health. In Texas and other pro-life states, it’s illegal to kill babies that are not posing a threat to a mother’s health. As the Zurawski baby still had a chance to survive outside the womb, it was not medically necessary to end her life. 

Eventually, when Zurawski's condition began deteriorating, doctors intervened. 

Yet, Amanda stated, “because of the law, I very nearly died,” later adding “nothing about this is pro-life.” 

After that portion of the segment, Alcindor celebrated how Amanda is one of seven plaintiffs represented by the Center for Reproductive Rights who are attempting to sue the State of Texas against its pro-life laws. 

SBA Pro-Life America shared the clip to its Twitter page in a 9-part thread condemning the false claims of NBC News. 

The fact is that every pro-life law in the country allows exemptions for pregnant women whose lives are at risk. And according to SBA Pro-Life America, “Texas is no exception: the law states a physician should exercise reasonable medical judgment following the standard of care if necessary to save a woman’s life in complicated pregnancy.” 

John Seago, president of Texas Right to Life, told NBC that doctors like Amanda’s misinterpreted the law. 

“They are saying they have to delay and wait the days that you’re talking about, that is medical malpractice,” Seago stated. “If it is uncertain that this child may survive or may not, Texas is saying, we don’t jump to conclusions.”

Contrary to the Center of Reproductive Rights president claiming the law would kill women, “the law is not putting lives in danger,” Seago said. “The law is black and white about what a doctor can do and what he cannot do.”

Alcindor then asked Seago a question about how he feels about women whose lives are in danger but cut the clip before giving him a chance to elaborate.

Texas laws around abortion are clear. If a woman’s life is in danger, doctors are allowed to do what is medically necessary to help save her life. No pro-life law would aim to end the life of a mother, that's the exact opposite of what pro-life means. 

This was just an attempt by NBC to fearmonger the public and get people to stand against pro-life laws like those in Texas.