All Aboard The Abortion Bus: Planned Parenthood Announces Mobile Clinic

October 4th, 2022 9:27 AM

This is not fake news. 

On October 3, Planned Parenthood announced its creation of a mobile abortion clinic. According to NPR, Planned Parenthood plans to drive the bus to red-state borders to make the act of murdering unborn babies more accessible.

How pleasant. 

The first mobile clinic is set to open in southern Illinois, a state where abortion is not only legal but celebrated. 

“Our goal is to reduce the hundreds of miles that people are having to travel now in order to access care...and meet them where they are,” President of Planned Parenthood in St. Louis and SW Missouri, Yamelsie Rodriguez told NPR. 

Rodriguez indicated that the movability of the clinic “gives us a lot of flexibility about where to be.”

The clinic will supposedly offer consultations and start dispensing abortion pills later on this year. The plan is for the mobile clinic to travel to neighboring border states where life is valued to help people obtain abortions.

AP indicated that the mobile clinic will travel near borders of southeast Missouri, western Kentucky and northeast Tennessee all without leaving the “sanctuary” state of Illinois.

The same report form AP indicated that facilitators of the clinic “declined to discuss safety and security measures for the mobile clinic.” 

That’s not suspicious whatsoever? I mean what could go wrong?

In a converted 37-foot RV, the clinic will have a small waiting room, laboratory and two exam rooms. “It initially will provide medication abortion up to 11 weeks gestation, officials said. It eventually will offer surgical abortions, likely beginning sometime next year,” the NPR report indicated. 

That seems completely safe and raises no concerns. 

I wonder if it will have a morgue attached to the clinic considering all the murders it plans to conduct. And hey, "We Deliver" could be a great value-add to Planned Parenthood's baby parts business.

This is a grotesque play from the left. Planned Parenthood is a vile organization that dehumanizes the unborn and treats their lives like mundane inconveniences that need to be eliminated.

This mobile clinic is a disgrace. I hope they bought a lemon.