NYT’s Kristof: Media’s ‘Lack of Religious Diversity’ A ‘Weakness’

October 13th, 2016 9:42 AM

It’s rare, but sometimes liberal and conservative journalists do agree on the problematic nature of media bias.

On Tuesday evening, New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof voiced his concern on Twitter about the “lack of religious diversity” in the media. His tweet came in response to the disturbing revelation of emails from Clinton staffers that denigrated Catholicism and evangelical Christianity.

After the WikiLeaks story broke, Megyn Kelly hosted Family Research Council President Tony Perkins and former Bush Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove on The Kelly File to discuss the controversial email exchange. Following the conversation, Fox News tweeted out a quote from Rove stating, “Most of the media is secular. They don’t care to understand or pretend to understand deeply-held religious beliefs.”

This resonated with Kristof. “A rare occasion where I agree with @KarlRove,” he commented in response. “I think this lack of religious diversity is one of our weaknesses in the national media.”

Considering that Kristof is a member of Hillary’s media fan club, this comment is quite surprising. If he wants to change things, he could certainly work his influence at the New York Times.

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