God Bites Man's Eye Out on AMC's Anti-Christian Drama

September 16th, 2019 12:09 AM

Here’s a pattern that’s feeling familiar: AMC’s Preacher hating God and all aspects of religion. Unfortunately for us, each episode tends to be worse than the last to keep things edgy, and the latest episode is no exception. Here, we see God taking a direct and bloody action towards destroying His creation. 

The September 15 episode “Fear of the Lord” continues where we left off after Jesse (Dominic Cooper) learned about God’s (Mark Harelik) plan to wipe out humanity. Despite this revelation, Jesse somehow maintains faith in God’s plan for good and refuses to take up the angels’ offer to rule Heaven in God’s place. Because of that, he’s left in Hell to be tortured in various ways until he gives into the temptation of God’s power.

However, God suddenly revives Jesse back to Earth in an uncharacteristically good move. Jesse is thrilled, believing that he has been rewarded by God allowing him to live and sparing humanity. Sadly, God admits that He still plans to destroy the Earth along with Jesse because, although Jesse did not sit on God’s throne, he still “wanted to,” which He judges as just as bad. Jesse fires back that it seems that there’s no way anyone could have passed God’s test, which starts to make God angry. And when God gets angry, He apparently starts mutilating people by biting their eyes out.



God: “All have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God."

Jesse: You're making it sound like there was no way to pass the test.

God: I gave Mankind free will. Your choices are your own, and so are the consequences.

Jesse: You made us this way.

God: I made you in My own image. A little thanks would be nice.

Jesse: Thank You? For what? Kids with cancer? The Kardashians?

God: Look at you... staring at Me. Is this how your father raised you...to look your Lord right in the eye? This Creation's been...Well, it's been a nice run.

I have to wonder whether this is also supposed to be a reference to Exodus 21:24, “eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.” Then again, that would require the writers to have read a passage of the Bible, and we all know what they think of that book.

By the end of it, God reveals that he still has plans for Jesse regarding the end of the world, that being the only reason Jesse is back at all. Bloody and beaten, Jesse manages to reunite with his friends in what should be a new plan to save everyone. Considering this show’s definition of heroes, I wouldn’t put my faith in them, either.

It’s not really new for Preacher to have violence. It’s not even new for Preacher to have God condoning violence. Having God commit violence just seems like the natural progression for this blasphemous series. Thank goodness this will all be over in two weeks.