'The Mick:' 'Smart And Progressive' to Not Believe in God

For those of you tired of the disgusting sexual images from Fox’s The Mick, you’re in luck. In the latest episode you get disgusting comments ridiculing practiced religion and belief in God as a whole instead. It’s hardly a positive step forward, but at least there are no nude 100-year-olds.

The February 6 episode “The Church” follows the family attending - what else - church, though most of them admit quite openly that they don’t believe in God. However, they soon become concerned when after Mass the youngest son Ben (Jack Stanton) decides that God isn’t real. After all, Sabrina (Sofia Black-D’Elia) notes that it sounds “smart and progressive” when adults don’t believe in God, but for children it sounds depressing. I would argue that it sounds depressing when anyone refuses to believe in God, but then again, I refuse to identify as “progressive” and I sure don’t consider this show “smart.”



Of course, their efforts to help the little boy believe in God fall flat since absolutely none of them know or even seem to care about God as a whole. Mickey (Kaitlin Olson) herself states that the point of church is “to make yourself feel better” as if that’s a decent answer. Every other mention regarding God is just as deep. And don’t hold your breath for a reference to Jesus Christ in religion because even that seems too sophisticated for this show.

As a side plot, we also meet a new young priest in Father Zach (Miles Fisher) who defies expectations by sporting tattoos, drinking plentifully, and enjoying football despite the “concussions and murderers.” Expecting a priest who's a 90-year-old killjoy, Mickey challenges him in the middle of a mass for “being all casual about religion, not taking it seriously.” Sure, the agnostic drunk thinks she knows how a priest should behave. Even better, we get the idea of what a “cool” priest is as if that matters more than actually believing in God.

Even if this was supposed to be “funny,” I can’t get past two seconds of this ignorance. It’s just a series that clearly doesn’t know much about religion and doesn’t care to anyway. If they won’t give that consideration to a major faith, I suggest the same with their episodes. Just ignore them.

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