'Family Guy:' Nancy Reagan Turned 'Blind Eye to AIDS Crisis'

January 7th, 2018 10:44 PM

After seeing all the vitriolic nonsense being thrown at Donald Trump for being supposedly mentally ill this week, it’s easy to think back to Democrats’ original “mentally unfit” punching bag: President Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately for us, Fox’s Family Guy had the same idea with another joke aimed at the expense of both President Reagan and his wife Nancy.

The January 7 episode “Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)” follows family dog Brian (Seth MacFarlane) as he manages to start a relationship with a female dog. In typical Family Guy fashion, however, it’s not that long until they get political with their usual cutaway gags.

Brian: Man, she is something else. This must be how Ronald Reagan felt about Nancy.

Ronald: Nancy, will you make me the happiest man in the world by turning a blind eye to the AIDS crisis and ineffectually trying to warn young people about drugs?

Nancy: Yes! Oh, yes, Ronnie! Yes!

Singers: ♪ If you're too young ♪ ♪ Those are both things she did! ♪

It’s just like bitter liberals to tear down something beautiful like the Reagans’ marriage just for politics. For the record, “turning a blind eye to the AIDS crisis and ineffectually trying to warn young people about drugs” are not things she did, and even I’m not too young to know that. In fact, AIDS research doubled nearly every year Reagan was in office, starting from 1982. Democrats try to assign that success to the Democrat members of Congress at the time, but that hardly sounds like the work of a president doing nothing for the AIDS victims.

As for the “ineffective” way of warning people about drugs with the Just Say No program, I think our political betters are hardly in a position to lecture on drug use with our current opioid crisis.

What liberals don’t seem to realize is that even after endlessly dragging Reagan and his wife through the mud, calling him worse than Hitler for the AIDS deaths, and blaming Nancy for no progress on the drugs crises, the man still served two terms. And with the hyperbolic pattern continuing again three decades later, Trump might go the same way.