NBC's 'Midnight, Texas' Brutally Slaughters Priest In Opening Scene

NBC's Midnight, Texas is back on the list for yet another religious slam. This time a human priest faces possibly the most violent and gruesome death of the series so far. And right next to his church. 

The September 11 episode "Last Temptation of Midnight" opens with a faceless creature worshipping a demon by a cross. Already a bad start, the scene continues with a priest walking over to the figure which, of course, leads to his inevitable but predictable demise. Here, the episode already takes a bloody twist with the demon cutting the priest's face off so he can wear it as a mask.

Warning: Graphic violence in video. 



Demon: I will be your faithful servant until you rise. 

Priest: Good morning. 

Demon: I will be your faithful servant until you rise. I will be your faithful servant... 

Priest: Now, if I can offer anything... 

Demon: You can.

Priest: Oh, God. 

Demon: Wrong deity. Don't be afraid. Your death will not be in vain. Your sacrifice will give him life. The Gates of Hell will open, and he will rise in Midnight. 

Priests always seem to get the short end of the stick, don't they? Other people have died on this show, but none quite as stomach-churning as ripping a face off. Then there's the care to make sure that his last words were taking the Lord's name in vain of all things for an off-hand comeback. "Praise be the Lord" indeed that his followers can always be used as cannon fodder for pushing the murder bar, just like his angels can be used to push a gay agenda.

I would say it wouldn't kill television to show a little more respect, but I've given up that idea a long time ago. 

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