NBC Show 'Midnight, Texas' Makes Angels Gay

NBC’s Midnight, Texas focuses on the denizens of a small town named Midnight made up of vampires, witches, spirits, and other supernatural creatures. Overall, the show, while never passing into the realm of interesting, has been towing the line between the fantasy and political. Unfortunately, now they’ve brought in symbols from Christianity, which means it’s time to be called out.

Throughout the first four episodes, including the August 14th episode “Sexy Beast,” the show builds up a growing threat to the town through a prophecy heralded by fallen angels Joe (Jason Lewis) and Chuy (Bernardo Saracino). Sadly, that’s not the only thing they’ve been building up in the show as they keep hinting that not only are they both angels, they’re also a homosexual couple. Try as I might to ignore it, the show finally followed through on their romance by showing them kiss.

It’s bad enough I can’t go one show without seeing a gay couple wedged into the plot anymore (we are by far past the four percent representation the LGBT community really makes up), but now they’re affecting symbols of a decidedly non-homosexual religion. The sad part of this is not how blatant it is but how much it is no longer a surprise.

We get it, your show can’t be hip unless it features a minimum of two gay characters. You could at least have the decency to keep my religion out of it. Until then, you’ll be hearing back from me when, not if, we get transsexual angels.

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