'American Housewife' Calls Husband a Feminist, Son a 'Capitalist Pig'

October 18th, 2016 11:55 PM

ABC's new sitcom American Housewife continues to miss the mark in its interpretation of the modern American family, demonizing conservatives while promoting liberal ideology.

In the second episode, titled “The Nap,” the show literally takes to T-shirts to promote feminism with husband Greg (Diedrich Baker) home sick wearing a shirt that reads, “My Wife Is Married To A Feminist.” Might as well say, “My Wife Is Married To A Wimp.” But, apparently, even though fewer than 20% of Americans consider themselves feminists, it’s still boast-worthy enough for primetime television.

Katie (Katy Mixon) protests, “You should not be allowed to wear that T-shirt! If you were a real feminist, you would down some DayQuil and rally like a mommy would.” Echoes of all the feminists praising Hillary as a “badass” for rallying through pneumonia, with Salon even writing the article “Hillary powers through pneumonia — because that’s what women do?”

But don’t think they forgot to take shots at the so-called “conservative” son Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio.) The show once again doesn’t mince words, with Katie literally telling him he will become a “capitalist pig” after he made illegal deals for a stock market club - because obviously anyone with even the slightest sympathies towards capitalism will turn into a white-collar criminal. With mothers calling them “capitalist pigs,” I almost don’t blame them.

However, and I will give the show credit for this, it wasn’t all bad. The show actually takes the time to talk about the value of stay-at-home mothers. Few Americans may be official feminists, but I’m still surprised that these lines made it to air: “Being at home with my kids is the most important thing I could be doing right now” and “Being a stay-at-home mom does suck. And it's really important. But also, it can be the best thing in the world.”

Anna-Cat: Would you rather have hair for teeth or teeth for hair? 

Greg: Hair for teeth. No-brainer. Smoothies for every meal. Hey, what are you doing down here? I thought you needed a nap. 

Katie: I do. But I don't want to miss the fun parts. And, Oliver, I don't want you to miss the fun parts, either. I think it's time we let the stock market club go. You need to be a kid. I promise you can be a capitalist pig when you grow up. 

Oliver: Thanks, Mom. 

Taylor: Can we eat? Yeah.


Katie: Okay, let's review. Being a stay-at-home mom does suck. And it's really important. But also, it can be the best thing in the world. So yeah. This is what I would rather. 

Not only is it a mostly anti-feminist sentiment at the heart of a liberal network, it actually pertained to the plot of the show. With liberal bias literally spelled out in T-shirts on this show, I’m not sure what I’m more surprised at right now.

Where it stands, I appreciate Katie’s sentiment that being a stay-at-home mother can be the most frustrating yet satisfying job in the world without pay, whether feminists acknowledge it or not, but it couldn’t have come from a more biased perspective.