'The Good Fight’ Rants at Trump: ‘God, I Hate You,’ ‘Wish You Ended Up’ in Hell

March 14th, 2019 11:58 PM

Season three of CBS All-Access's The Good Fight is off and running with the issue of sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement. In the episode that aired March 14 titled “The One About the Recent Troubles," President Trump’s alleged scandals involving women other than his wife are brought into the mix.

To say that Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) is still full of anger that Donald Trump became President of the United States is an understatement. This episode led her to describe her husband, Kurt McVeigh (Gary Collins), as “the footman to the King” after he was hired by Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. to be their hunting guide on safari. At first, Kurt hid the fact that he agreed to be a hunting guide for Trump’s sons because he knew Diane would freak out over it. She believes he's having an affair, but to her, this is worse! He explained to her: “They pay me, Diane. It’s money. I’m not doing it because I like them.”



Diane ended up laying in bed next to Kurt after the safari was cut short. She discovered Kurt’s injured shoulder. One of the Trump sons shot him with buckshot. He can’t give her details, though, because he signed an NDA. This really set Diane off.

She laid awake and pondered: “Whatever happened to men who didn’t cry like whiny little bitches?” and “When did Trump and Kavanaugh become our idea of an aggrieved man, quivering lips blaming everyone but themselves?” She even heard President Trump’s voice in her head and talked to him: "God, I hate you. I don't believe in hell but sometimes I wish people like you ended up there."



NDAs were a central part of this episode. While a filmmaker was trying to convince the law firm to do a video about a founding member now deceased, Carl Reddick, it was discovered that he abused and raped women with whom he worked. His longtime secretary and a stenographer at the firm both told their stories reluctantly to the firm’s partners.

Neither women were looking for compensation or revenge. The firm partners decided to pay the secretary what she was originally promised by Reddick but never received, a pension, if she signed an NDA with him. The stenographer also signed an NDA and the partners decided to pay her, too.

Meanwhile, Diane is so irritated about NDAs and Kurt’s injured shoulder that she dug up an actress who claimed that President Trump paid for her abortion. Diane wants her to come forward and violate her NDA with Trump because she thinks her story will undercut his support with the religious right.

The actress apparently knew of eight other women who signed NDAs with Trump. None want to come forward and in the end, the one contacted by Diane decides to not move forward, either. She says that people have moved on after “Stormy and Karen MacDougal.” She’s right, of course, Trump’s supporters have moved on from all that.

The secretary’s daughter called a local television reporter to expose Reddick’s behavior toward her mother. Nothing came of the story because the secretary didn’t want to make it public. So, in order to seek revenge on President Trump, Diane ended up calling the reporter as the episode ended. She is ready to leak the actresses' stories against their wishes. Lovely.

Trump derangement is a real thing. The Hollywood left is particularly affected by it. The double standard is breathtaking at times. Can you imagine such a show during the Bill Clinton years and his own history of abusing women? No, of course not. This behavior and these storylines are only for Republicans. At least this is buried on CBS All-Access where no one is watching.