Freeform’s ‘The Fosters’ Pushes Teen Abortion, LGBT Sex Class Without Parental Knowledge

March 15th, 2017 2:47 AM

The Fosters, a multi-ethnic blended family headed by two lesbian moms and comprised of adopted kids and foster kids, continues to shove teen abortion and LGBT sex education on America, this time pushing the issues even further when it comes to parental knowledge - or lack thereof.

In Freeform’s March 14 episode, “The Long Haul,” we confirm that Emma (Amanda Leighton) decided to go through with an abortion while leaving the father of the baby, Jesus (Noah Centino) in the dark.Too cowardly to tell Jesus to his face, Emma writes him a letter and explains she was pregnant and decided to get an abortion. She apologizes for not telling him. The problem with that is Jesus is unable to read it – his eyes don’t focus properly to read after his traumatic brain injury. Grandma Sharon (Annie Potts) volunteers to read it to him. As she reads, she sees that Emma is confessing to having the abortion and Sharon decides to skip that part to spare Jesus’ feelings as he recovers. But I thought abortion was supposed to be no big deal, just a woman's choice?

Jesus, not knowing the full story, texts Emma after Sharon leaves the room and tells her everything is good with them, as far as he is concerned. So, poor Jesus is left in the dark on the death of his unborn child. No one wants to be truthful with Jesus about the pregnancy or the abortion because, since he is still recovering from the traumatic head injury, they fear that additional stress would be a setback in his recovery.

Sharon later speaks to Emma privately and tells her she is completely supportive and is only concerned that Emma is ok. Sharon asks Emma if she told her parents and Emma said she thought about telling her mother but she knew that her mother would want to talk with Stef and Lena, Jesus’ mothers. Yeah, imagine that. Note: There is no “mandated parental involvement” in the State of California for abortion.

Meanwhile, since the principal of Anchor Beach Community Charter School refused Lena’s (Sherri Saum) request for the inclusion of LGBT sex into the sex education class at the high school, a compromise was made – a separate class would be taught off campus for LGBT sex ed. Lena discovers only two of the students have a signed parental permission slip to take the class. One girl says she didn’t bring one because she isn’t out to her parents. Naturally Lena justifies not demanding permission slips by stating that the kids need support and education. Wow.

Also disturbing – Lena tells Jude (Hayden Byerly), her gay adopted son, to invite his boyfriend Noah (Kalama Epstein) to take the gay sex class. Both guys, as it turns out, are virgins. It’s like she’s so eager to accept the young gay teen that she pushes the agenda on them to encourage it.

This show is a laundry list of lefty dreams come true. Parents are legally entitled to know about their children’s education. And acting like a teen girl having an abortion without parental knowledge is ok, while legal, is not acceptable at all.