CW’s ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:' Abortion is Ok If You Don’t Tell Your Priest

November 12th, 2016 12:31 AM

Friday night’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the CW presents abortion as an acceptable option if the couple doesn’t tell their priest - because then the priest won’t tell God. What kind of liberal mumbo-jumbo rationalization is this?

In the episode “When Will Josh and His Friends Leave Me Alone?” Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin), a paralegal, discovers she is pregnant with her third child. Her two boys are teenagers and Paula is set to begin law school – her longtime dream. Her husband, Darryl (Pete Gardner) is trying to master the domestic arts so that their daily routine will go along smoothly.

Paula, however, has doubts that she can manage a full time job, law school, and a pregnancy all at the same time. She doesn’t think of abortion as a viable option but her husband does. He says they don’t have to tell their priest and then God won’t know. Darryl also suggests that Paula talk to Rebecca (Rachel Bloom), her boss, about “options.” He says Rebecca is young and has probably had tons of “options.” Wow.

Scott:   You're in that mood, huh? You-you want a chardonnay?

Paula: You know I can't.

Scott:  Oh, it won't hurt. You're only a little bit pregnant.

Paula: Oh, right, 'cause we only had a little bit of intercourse.

Scott:  You, uh, sure you want another baby? There are options, you know. We just won't mention it to Father Brah and he won't tell God.

Paula: Scott, I am a married mother of two. Okay, those options are for teenagers the month after winter formal.

Scott: You know who I think you should talk to? Rebecca. She's young. I bet she's had tons of options

Paula: Rebecca is the last person I want to tell. Well, when I let her know that I'm not going to law school because I'm having this baby, I mean, she's-- she's not gonna understand.

Scott: She is your best friend.

Paula: Well, I don't want to burden her. I mean, she's recovering from not one, but two breakups. So...

The final push for Paula in her decision making process happens after she successfully argues before a zoning board for a client of the law firm. The zoning commissioner tells her that her brief was better than many briefs submitted by practicing lawyers. This flattery cinched it for Paula – she would put her own dream ahead of the life of her developing baby.

While recovering at home, Rebecca comes to check on her, still clueless as to why Paula is not in the office that day. Paula still doesn’t tell her, though she clearly has told her teenage son. When the doorbell rings he tells her he will answer it since she “just had an abortion.” Wow. That’s stomach turning.

What a sick way to present a family dealing with a very selfish decision to end a life with an abortion – working the subject into casual conversation like it is nothing unusual at all. Turns out, Paula was more concerned about the feelings of her friend more than she was the life of her unborn child.