Nike, Rivals Clamoring For LGBT Pride Dollars With Non-Binary Shoes

May 28th, 2020 10:00 AM

Nike hardly resembles the company co-founded by the late Bill Bowerman, so narrow and limited in his vision that he actually produced shoes, books and manuals to promote fitness. In comparison to the company's legacy, the politically correct goofballs running his misguided organization today are producing products that speak a spectrum of voices to non-binary runners. 

Nike and its market rivals are turning running shoes into symbols promoting the LGBT agenda. As a matter of fact, the genderless person wearing the running shoes just became the sought-after consumer for Nike, Adidas, Reebok and New Balance. 

These four rival companies are practically tripping over each other in hawking their new LGBT-themed products. SBNation Outsports is gleaming about how Nike is leading the rainbow of 2020 Pride gear with its latest BeTrue collection.

It's about so much more than the quality of the products. It's about color, design and most importantly, the pro-LGBT statement these products are making. Dawn Ennis writes that the Swoosh is supporting more than 20 groups "focusing on advocacy in sports, creating safe spaces and elevating the LGBTQ community’s history."

On Wednesday, Nike removed the rainbow wraps off its 2020 BeTrue collection of Pride gear, along with pride-themed Chucks and other footwear by Converse. Gender-confused distance runners clicking on the SBNation Outsports website readers got a sneak preview before these PC products went on sale.

Nike said in a press release it is providing grants to more than 20 organizations advancing the LGBTQIA+ community:

"The organizations range from local to national with a focus on advocacy in sports, creating safe spaces and elevating the history of the community. They include the LGBT Center of Los Angeles, Portland Frontrunners, GLBT Historical Society Museum, Campus Pride and You Can Play.”

The GenderCool Project and Gilbert Baker Foundation are also recipients of Nike grants.

The Nike BeTrue collection is all about “the Power of the Team,” and features the Air Force 1 and Air Max 2090 shoes serving as anchors for the past and present. The AM 2090 is designed as a colorful “celebration of unity in times of uncertainty.” The AF1 is a “reflection of performance art, blending traditional details with the shoe’s silhouette in homage to underground ballroom culture, an expression of team sport.”

Those wearing the AF1 in a 10K might hear voices, for Nike says, its 10-color heel mark is “inclusive of a spectrum of voices.” The new Nikes present a new look incorporating the rainbow as seen in the “More Colors, More Pride” flag that debuted in Philadelphia in 2017.

Each of those 10 colors has a unique purpose, including black and brown, which represent people of color inclusivity, while pink and baby blue = trans inclusivity.

The topper is that absolutely everything in the collection is gender neutral, according to Nike.

Nike's market rivals will not be left behind in the race for queer dollars! Ennis writes, "Reebok, Adidas and other brands also want your green and your plastic. But at least Nike is giving back for every dollar consumers spend on its rainbow gear."

Reebok’s 2020 Pride collection includes 20 products that will appeal to the rainbow runners nation.

Ennis explains that Reebok is totally sold out to the LGBT agenda. It's donating $75,000 to the It Gets Better Project (a global LGBTQ outreach program aimed at empowering and connecting LGBTQ youth). Reebok launched an “All Types of Love” campaign and the video “Pride Notes.” 

Adidas is also jostling for position in the rainbow market, offering 22 Pride products, including the NMD R1 Pride shoes. So is New Balance

Ennis encourages LGBT people to think about what these corporations selling the rainbow are doing for "our community before you become their walking advertisement! Happy Pride shopping!"