Low Energy Emmys: Jimmy ‘Kryin’’ Kimmel Hosts Lowest Rated Emmys In TV History

September 22nd, 2020 1:34 PM

Poor late night host Jimmy Kimmel hasn’t been able to catch a break in 2020. After being dragged this Summer for resurfaced images of him in blackface from earlier in his career, dealing with COVID-induced studio-production woes, and suffering the mental toll that all Hollywood lefties incur from living in Trump’s America, Kimmel oversaw one of the lamest primetime awards shows in TV history.

According to Billboard.com, the 72 annual Primetime Emmys was an “all-time-low ratings” bust. Kimmel hosted the awards show on Sunday, September 20 on ABC, which ended up having record-low ratings for the second consecutive year in a row. The 2020 Emmys “pulled in 6.1 million viewers and a 1.2 rating for the 18-49 age demographic.” 

Last year’s Emmys (which aired on Fox) “drew 7 million viewers and a 1.7 rating for 18-49s.”

It probably didn’t help that Kimmel was the evening’s emcee. The regular host of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Is one of the entertainment industry’s most vocal Trump critics and conservative bashers. Over the course of his late night career, Kimmel has always been quick to defend the liberal status quo, even going so far as to consult Sen. Chuck Schumer on talking points for his show on occasion

But American viewers are getting tired of the lectures, whether they be from the NFL or Hollywood award shows and that fatigue is clearly showing in the ratings. NFL viewership is down, perhaps due to anti-police/pro-BLM propaganda being plastered all over the league, and clearly, people aren’t really interested in the Emmys anymore.

And it’s not as though non-viewers missed out on this year’s event. The production ended up being a virtual show due to industry-wide Chinese Virus shutdowns, and true to form, was about as woke and condescending to non-liberals as it could have been. 

For example Kimmel more than made up for his blackface faux pas from decades ago by letting Black-ish star Anthony Anderson berate him into yelling “Black Lives Matter” onstage in the middle of the evening. It was awkward seeing Kimmel mime along as if he were a trained pet, as Anderson mimed radical BLM rhetoric.

As cities burn in the midst of BLM-inspired riots, how could producers think that Americans would tune into this? Perhaps they don’t even care about ratings anymore, they just care about punishing non-leftists.

Even Kimmel, who returned to his late night gig on Monday, September 21, made jokes about the low energy evening during his show’s opening monologue: “Well, I hosted the virtual Emmys last night. They’re saying it was the highest-rated Emmys ever. Oh, the lowest? Oh, all right.” He added, “Well, we set a record, let’s just say that."

Strangely, we almost feel bad for Kimmel. Perhaps if he actually starts trying to be a comedian rather than a pundit, it may end up working out a tad bit better.