Gross: CBS Greenlights Stacey Abrams’ 'Steamy Romance' Thriller for TV Drama

November 25th, 2019 4:36 PM

Hollywood is the entertainment arm for the Democratic Party, we get that. However, it’s weird to think both establishments are so intertwined that even individuals as successful as failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate and former romance novelist Stacey Abram gets one of her naughty memoirs turned into a full-length TV series.

The Hollywood Reporter (THR) reported on Monday, Nov. 25 that “the former Georgia lawmaker and voting-rights advocate will executive produce a drama in development at CBS.” Not only is this another shameless example of Hollywood taking care of its lefty friends, it’s also drawing from some gross, 50 Shades of Grey-style material.

The outlet claimed that “Never Tell is based on a novel Abrams wrote under the pen name Selena Montgomery.” Hmm, that’s quite an interesting nom de plume. What THR won’t tell you though is that Selena Montgomery’s forte was writing erotic thrillers. Refinery29 wrote about Abrams/Montgomery’s sagas featuring “undercover operatives and steamy romance plot lines,” last year before her gubernatorial run.

The pop culture site described another of the eight novels she penned under the pseudonym, called “Hidden Sins.” Oh, it was just a straightforward novel about a “runaway teenager named Mara Reed who teams up with a sexy forensic anthropologist to confront a gruesome discovery.” You know that sounds like a real page turner.

THR described “Never Tell” along similar lines, claiming that it focuses on the story of a “star linguistics professor with a complicated past who joins forces with a charismatic investigative journalist.” Cue the mood music folks. Just try to insist that we’re not supposed to see any of the euphemisms here. Anyways, these two stumble upon a “cryptic message that's the only clue in a missing persons case. It sets them off on a partnership working cases for the New Orleans PD.”

At night, that is.

If you think we’re kidding just look at this -- er -- enthusiastic review on “Never Tell” from Ana gave the book 4 out of 5 stars, claiming, “I really enjoyed trying to figure out who the killer was all the while drooling over Gabriel. He can write a story on me any day.” She added, “I like how Gabriel can see right through Erins [sic] boxy clothing and boring but comfortable shoes, and right into her.”

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert even poked fun of Abrams’s racy material while interviewing her earlier this year. Knowing she’d be embarrassed, he read excerpts from her erotic novels: “Softly, inexorably he tested the contours of her lips, the damp heat urging him inside. Reaching for Patience, Luke sank down into the chair she’d abandoned and settled her across his lap.”

Well, you know where this is going. And while we’re sure CBS’s adaptation is not going to be nearly as graphic as that sounds, consider how ridiculous Hollywood is by who it props up. We’ll be getting a romance thriller TV show, all because the author is an avowed radical lefty.

And in addition to Abrams, CBS decided to impose on its viewers a miniseries about former FBI Director James Comey with far-left actor Jeff Daniels playing Comey.