Celebs React to ‘Dumb*ss’ White House Meeting: Pelosi’s Foot ‘So Far Up Trump’s A**’

The cackling hyenas in Hollywood just can’t go five minutes without mocking anything the right values or what the American people want. In response to Donald Trump’s tough immigration meeting with Democrat leaders on Tuesday, several celeb whackos gleefully slammed the President for his “dumbass border wall,” getting Nancy Pelosi’s “foot up his ass,” and got in a few digs about Vice President Mike Pence’s marriage for good measure.

Stephen King went after the President on Twitter, posting a status update that reverberated around the web like it was some mind-blowing progressive critique. Prolific writer he may be, but his political rhetoric rose to the same low energy standard of a Cher or Kathy Griffin tweet. The author tweeted, “Wait a minute, wait! Wasn't...um, Mexico going to pay for Trump's useless, just-tunnel-under-it wall?

Abortion junkie and sterile lady parts saleswoman Lizz Winstead provided some thoughtful commentary on the meeting — well thoughtful in the sense that she thought of ways to trash Mike Pence who was present during the televised meeting. The Comedy Central writer lampooned the Vice President’s marriage, tweeting, “Pence just sat frozen, anticipating the punishment he would receive from Mother for being in a room with another woman.”

Bette Midler couldn’t keep her Twitter untouched either. The Hello Dolly! and Hocus Pocus star praised the House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi for her public disagreement with the president, claiming that her tactics of dissembling and worming her way around Trump’s ultimatum was somehow a kick in his posterior.

Midler tweeted, “Nancy Pelosi put her foot so far up Trump's ass today I have to send her a new pair of pumps!”



Actor Chris Meloni got in on the action, tweeting out a picture of Pelosi and Schumer leaving the White House and adding his own caption of, “Mom and Dad fresh from spanking the spoiled child.”

And finally pop-music newcomer Lauren Jauregui had some choice words about the wall. The former member of diva group Fifth Harmony blasted Trump, tweeting “Remember when Trump said Mexico was gonna pay for the wall and then screamed at a bunch of Dems threatening to shut down the government if he didn’t get $5BILLION to build this dumbass wall? I tell ya.”

Thankfully, there are all these beautiful, photogenic public servants saving our nation from hypocrisy one tweet at a time. If only everyone could recognize the work that they do instead of being distracted by the dizzying levels of their own double standards.

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