Family Guy Mocks Republican Politicians as Being Worse than the Unabomber

November 20th, 2023 11:30 AM

Last night, Fox's Family Guy attacked prominent Republicans such as Ted Cruz, implying they were worse than the Unabomber, in an episode that also pushed pro-abortion propaganda.

Sunday's episode, "Boston Stewie," opens with Meg frosting cupcakes, announcing "I'm celebrating. Oh, last night I had my period or miscarriage. Not sure which. Either way, happy un-birthday." 

A message then pops up on the screen stating, "Fun Fact: You can legally report that joke to the Texas Attorney General and collect a $10,000 bounty!"

Chris: Hey Meg. What's with the cupcakes?

Meg: I'm celebrating. Oh, last night I had my period or miscarriage. Not sure which. Either way, happy un-birthday. Where's my phone? I got to text Patty and let her know she can have half of these for her cat's funeral. Coltrane's wake is gonna be lit. Pics to follow. What the hell? What happened? 

Chris: [Phone chimes] Hey, Meg, no Turkey dinner is complete without a little under-nut squash. [Cackles] 

Meg: What a jerk. Oh, well. Time to go transport a Texas resident to her reproductive health appointment. 

The lie that pro-life laws, like the one in Texas, prevent treatment of miscarriage is a particularly harmful piece of anti-women propaganda spread by abortion activists. Fearmongering is the tactic du jour of the pro-abortion movement, so Family Guy naturally regurgitates it without question.

The episode then segues into baby Stewie's search for a newly discovered half-brother. Stewie learns that Lois donated her eggs to an IVF clinic when she was in college and one of the eggs was used.

A DNA search reveals his half-brother lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He finds his sibling urinating outside the Harvard University campus. A montage follows of famous Republicans who graduated the Unabomber.

Half-brother: [Boston accent] Eat my wizz, you Harvard fruit bags. [Zips] 

Stewie: Oh, my God, that must be him. And, hey, don't do that. Harvard is a respected institution that only produces our nation's finest. ♪ The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town ♪ ♪ I said the boys are back in town. ♪ Our apologies to the Unabomber. It was a cheap shot to include him. 

Family Guy routinely targets former President Donald Trump, Republicans and MAGA voters. With the presidential election less than a year away, last night was likely just a taste of the nastiness that will continue to ramp up against Republican targets in the months ahead.