'Family Guy' Accuses Josh Hawley of 'Fleeing Riot' He 'Helped Stoke'

December 12th, 2022 2:18 AM

In the minds of leftists, what happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 erases all Democratic failures and Democratic-fueled BLM and Antifa terrorism. Therefore, Democrats obsess over it.

Fox's Family Guy hates Republicans, so last night it took a swipe at Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), falsely accusing him of helping "stoke" the riot on January 6.

In Sunday's episode, "The Candidate," Stewie (Seth MacFarlane) runs for preschool snack captain. His class arch-nemesis, Doug (Chris Parnell), is his opponent. During a debate, Doug says Stewie was with Hawley at the Capitol that day and accuses both of "fleeing the riot they helped stoke":



Dougie: And may I call your attention to my opponent's actions during the attack on The Capitol? Here is Stewie waving to supporters safely behind barricades. And here he is with Josh Hawley, fleeing the riot they helped stoke. (Laughing) 

Teacher: Wow, what a little bitch. 

During the preschool campaign, Doug also accuses Stewie of having been "a mistake," an unplanned pregnancy. Stewie freaks out over the possibility that his conception was unplanned and worries it will hurt his reputation with his classmates. Such a concern must be indicative of the pro-abortion bubble the show's writers live-in.

The episode then gets super creepy. Stewie's older brother Chris (Seth Green) shows him a secret "porn room" where he keeps catalogued sex tapes, including a tape of their parents nine months before Stewie's birth.

On the tape, it's revealed that Lois (Alex Borstein) raped Peter (Seth MacFarlane) while she was ovulating because she wanted to be a mom again. Stewie is relieved.

"Technically I'm only half an accident," he says.

The episode is more disturbing than usual even for a show like Family Guy

In the end, Stewie walks into the house and tells Brian (Seth MacFarlane) he won snack captain:

Brian: You actually won? Wow, congrats, Stewie. I thought you being a mistake ruined your chances. How'd you pull it off? 

Stewie: It turns out 70% of the kids' parents aren't married and 30% are mistakes. Nobody gets married anymore. One kid doesn't even have parents. He just kind of appeared. Sleeps in one of the cubbies. I mean, that's the story I would have told this week, but whatever. Oh, and Doug died in a commuter plane crash this morning. 

"The Candidate" was such a perverted episode that, overall, it failed to be funny.

One of the few amusing moments came in a scene mocking trans absurdities. After Quahog's cowboy mayor rides off on his horse yelling "He-yaw" a townsperson shakes his head disapprovingly.

"Oops, sorry. They-yaw!" the mayor replies.

When Family Guy goes against woke pieties like that, it can feel original again. Increasingly though, the show is lurching along each week with tired jokes and lame lines attacking conservatives and MAGA supporters.

With last night's bizarre episode, Family Guy is getting harder and harder to watch.