'Family Guy' Mocks Woke Gender Ideology with Wacky, Politically Correct Nativity Set

December 13th, 2020 10:53 PM

In the past, Fox's Family Guy has had Christmas episodes that were offensive or sacrilegious. Previous holiday episodes have mocked Jesus or perverted Christmas traditions. This year, however, Family Guy decided to make a funny Christmas episode that took an amusing dig at contemporary gender ideology.

In the episode, 'The First No L,' on December 13, Lois left the family alone to put up Christmas decorations by themselves. Peter set out a manger scene which turned out to be a wacky, politically correct crèche.

Peter: All right, time to put up the 2020 Christmas decorations. First, ethnically-accurate Jesus goes right here next to Father Mary and Mother Josephine, followed closely by the three genderless Wise People on their Bird Scooters, Tig Notaro for some reason, and of course, the Little Drummer Them. Because God forbid we call a boy a boy.

Chris: Dad, what are you saying...?

Peter: I don't like what the world is! I'm white! When's it gonna be our turn?!

It is unsurprising that the scene would include a dig at white people with Peter's, "When's it gonna be our turn?" Just last week, Family Guy mocked "angry white men." But the ridiculousness of the gender-bending nativity scene did make a valid point: transgender lunacy leads people to twist themselves in knots to cater to its agenda. Just recently, Harvard Medical School called women "birthing people" and Healthline Magazine referred to women as "vulva owners" and men as "penis-having folks." 

With the cultural push of transgender and non-binary activism, it's not a stretch for a comedy writer to turn the manger scene into a gender joke. The ridiculousness of Peter's dialogue highlights how silly gender ideology is in its denial of biology reality.

Family Guy has mocked transgenderism and its cultural encroachment in past episodes. Out Magazine and other gay media have called the show "transphobic" for doing so. They may call such episodes "transphobic." I call them funny.

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