Pervy Christmas! Fox's Family Guy Turns Santa Visit Into Underage Sexual Climax

December 16th, 2019 12:55 AM

Merry Christmas from Family Guy, where you can reflect on the Christmas spirit with an episode of…an underage Meg orgasming on Santa’s lap?

Yes, Fox’s Family Guy really got that creepy. In Sunday’s episode, vulgarly titled “Christmas is Coming,” Meg takes Stewie to visit Santa. Stewie is terrified of the big man so Meg sits with the baby on Santa’s lap. Santa bounces Stewie up-and-down and in the process Meg climaxes. Since Seth MacFarlane likes to insult Christians, she climaxes to the tune of “O, Come Let Us Adore Him.” (MacFarlane may think he is brave for doing so, but unlike the creators of South Park, his show has never been equal opportunity in its contempt. Family Guy never dares insult Muslims.)



Meg: Is it okay if I just hold him for the picture?

Santa: Ho, ho, ho. Of course. Sit right here, young lady. Here you go.

Meg: Stewie. Santa's no one to be scared of. He's kind and warm. He loves unconditionally, and... And he makes... Everyone feel so... So... 

Stewie: Meg, what are you doing? You look like Mom when she sits on the washing machine. 

Santa: Now, what would you like for Christmas, little boy? 

Meg: Shut up, everyone! Shut up! Shut up! Just shut up! ♪ O come, let us adore him ♪ ♪ O come, let us adore him ♪ ♪ O come, let us adore him... ♪ 

Stewie: What, uh... Wh-what just happened?

That night, Meg has a sex dream about Santa that riffs off a scene from Risky Business.


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Meg spends the rest of the episode trying to find that same Santa at malls in Rhode Island. In the end, she finds the real Santa in a mall parking lot. The old man gives the teenager a speech about her new sexual discovery, telling Meg, “I know what each and every person needs for Christmas,” implying that the moment on his lap was deliberate. The dialogue gives the moment a predatory feel.

In previous Christmas episodes, Family Guy has pushed boundaries by portraying Christ as a bumbling, “2000 year-old-virgin” and kicked the baby Jesus. So portraying Old St. Nick as a man happy to climax a minor is no stretch for Christmas crassness.

Here’s a tip. Whenever Christmas rolls around just avoid Family Guy episodes all together. That way you will not feel like you need to take a shower afterwards.

Bonus: The episode does have a funny dig at non-Christmas “winter holiday” language. The Christmas concert sign outside Meg and Chris’s school reads, “Winter Choral Performance. We can’t say Christmas because of that one family.”