Priest Has Affair with Married Woman on TBS's 'People of Earth'

August 7th, 2017 11:39 PM

Liberal TV loves to bash Christianity any opportunity it gets and Monday night’s episode of TBS’s People of Earth did not disappoint. The episode, titled “Gerry’s Return,” portrayed the relationship between a married woman and a priest that became sexual at the end of last season.

One of the opening scenes of the episode had Chelsea (Tracee Chimo) enter the confessional to tell Father Doug (Oscar Nuñez) that she misses him. She flirts with him through the screen, saying she’s having “impure thoughts.” The two plan a rendezvous before Father Doug tells her to “Go in peace, my child” and “make reservations.”

Chelsea: Forgive me, Father, for I have missed you.

Father Doug: Ch-- What're you doing here?

Chelsea: I've been having impure thoughts.

Father Doug: Okay, I'm working.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, I wanted to see you.

Father Doug: Yeah, I want to see you, too. But this is not the time or place. We need to set up a -- Not here. Not here.

Chelsea: Okay. Um, how about dinner?

Father Doug: Yes, okay. In another town. Where no one knows who we are.

Chelsea: Obviously.

Father Doug: Okay. Uh, go -- Go in -- Go in peace, my child. Make reservations.

After dinner, the two end up at the front desk of a hotel. When the guy working the desk recognizes Father Doug, he lies and says he’s in town for a Baptism.

The couple gets separate rooms and ultimately decides not to enter each other’s rooms because they know they’ll have sex. They resolve that if they’re going to continue their relationship, they have to “do it the right way.” If that’s even possible at this point.

It has long been a code in Hollywood that any character that identifies as Christian must be a hypocrite or a nut job. So it’s no surprise that the People of Earth writers made the Catholic Priest betray his vows (in fact, this is a common storyline on TV) but one does wonder if liberals will ever grow tired of their unoriginal anti-Christian storylines.