'The Carmichael Show' Pokes Fun at Gay Marriage

In the wake of this morning’s shootings in Alexandria, Virginia and San Francisco, NBC pulled the episode of The Carmichael Show set to air today, “Shoot-Up-Able,” which was supposed to revolve around a mass shooting. Instead, NBC aired “Lesbian Wedding,” a more light-hearted episode originally set to air on June 28.

Unlike last week’s episode which promoted a clear liberal political agenda, having Joe (David Alan Grier) and his sons help Joe’s mother commit suicide, this week the show remembered it’s a comedy and offered some funny dialogue about a family member’s lesbian wedding.

Joe: Cynthia, I am so glad our niece decided to become a lesbian. I can't wait to post these pictures of that wedding tomorrow. It's gonna make us look so liberal and sophisticated on that Facebook.

Maxine: Joe, you know it doesn't work like that. People don't choose to be gay.

Cynthia: Of course they don't. Who would choose to offend God?

Jerrod: Look, they're going to a lesbian wedding. How much progress do you expect in one afternoon? Let's just give 'em a B-minus and move on.

Bobby: Well, I don't know if I'm-a be able to join y'all at that wedding tomorrow.

Joe: Bobby, you can't miss a gay wedding. That's considered a hate crime.

The show continued to make fun of oh-so-progressive liberals by having Joe explain, “This is 2017. At this point, a man and a woman, that just seems wrong.” He’d rather have “a man and a man, a transgender and a regular gender. Hell, I'd even watch two dogs get married if they're wearing outfits.” Canine marriage will probably be legal sooner than you think, Joe.

Later, the niece’s aunt admits her hesitancy at accepting her niece’s decision to marry a woman.

Even if its not necessarily doing justice to a conservative position, at least The Carmichael Show can present an alternate viewpoint humorously and without calling opponents evil bigots.

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