'The Mindy Project' Blasts Melania Trump With Snide Remark

September 19th, 2017 10:36 PM

As The Mindy Project moves into its final season on Hulu, it's still delivering the irreverent humor that has made it last six seasons. Since the beginning, that has included jabs at both sides of the political aisle and Tuesday's episode "A Romantic Decouplement" was no different. The only problem is that, while the show was right on Obamacare, it was wrong on First Lady Melania Trump. 

The beginning of the episode finds Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) and her husband Ben (Bryan Greenberg) in marriage counseling. Frustrated that they've been seeing the therapist for weeks with, as Mindy put it, "No diagnosis," she says that her patients don't have to deal with such long waits. "My diagnoses take like five seconds, ok?" she brags, "Patient's in, small talk, stirrups, 'you have a UTI,' lollipop, 'no, we don't take Obamacare.' Done." 

Unfortunately, too many Americans are hearing that these days, despite former President Obama's famous promise that "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." As we know, that was simply not true, regardless of the media's attempts to distract from that, and that's not counting the people who lost their coverage entirely. So, while The Mindy Project was accurate in portraying a doctor who won't accept ObamaCare, it was wrong about Melania Trump in this quick dig at the First Lady.



Mindy: Guys, stop everything. Do you guys think I'm a bad wife?

Morgan: I would kill to be married to you. You've got all these nooks and crannies to keep me warm.

Tamara: Ben is so lucky; you pay for everything. It's like he's Melania and you're the American taxpayer. 

Mindy: Oh! Jody.

Jody: Yeah.

Mindy: Do you think that I'm a bad wife?

While some criticized the First Lady for the added security expenses incurred when she stayed in New York for son Barron to finish out the school year, Mrs. Trump is actually a bargain when it comes to First Ladies. Mrs. Trump has only five staffers as compared to Former First Lady Laura Bush with 18, and Michelle Obama, who had 24 members of staff dedicated to her.

Then again, the media is more worried about her footwear than the truth. The Mindy Project is usually a little more accurate than the mainstream media, though.