Hollywood Hit Jobs: 6 Times TV Shows Fantasized About Removing the President from Office

January 22nd, 2020 1:54 PM

The impeachment trial in the Senate is finally underway, but this has been a long time coming for Hollywood. Ever since election night 2016 they have been desperate for ways to overturn the results. Their fevered dreams of removing Trump from office, especially via impeachment or the 25th Amendment, have bled over into their tv scripts. Whether its addressing Trump directly or using other presidential characters as stand-ins to show how easy it could be, several shows have had storylines about the president being removed in the Trump era.

Here are the top six.

Madam Secretary - CBS

In its final season in 2019, the recently elected Madam President Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) faces an impeachment inquiry but is saved when a Republican breaks ranks and the country rallies in support of her. In 2018, the January 14 episode “Sound and Fury” was the first show to invoke the 25th Amendment against an "unfit" president. The episode even ends with a sanctimonious speech calling those who voted to invoke the 25th Amendment the “true American heroes" without whom "our democracy would be lost," sounding like a direct plea to members of Trump's cabinet.



Dalton: Finally, I'd like to pay tribute to the resiliency of our Constitution, a 230-year-old document that has endured the challenges of every stage of our nation's journey. Our government is built on an ingenious foundation of principles and laws, and though the people within that system are fallible, the system itself is devised to withstand anything, even an unfit president. The fact that the system worked as it should proves that our democracy is as strong as ever. I thank the brave cabinet secretaries who voted to invoke the 25th Amendment. They are all true American heroes and patriots. They put their country ahead of their personal relationship with me. That's what separates us from dictatorships and oligarchies. Without people of such courage, our democracy would be lost, and they will forever have my gratitude. And because of them, I have never felt more proud to be an American.


Homeland - Showtime

After President Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) was given the chance to restrain her behavior and not take the "unprecedented" action of firing a third of her cabinet in a previous episode, in the April 22, 2018 episode "All In," the 25th Amendment is officially invoked and the president is removed from office, just as liberals wish would happen with Trump.



Ashley: Madam President.

Keane: What is it? It's okay, Ashley. Thank you. Not wasting any time.

Warner: So you heard the Court's decision.

Keane: Yeah. Delivery issues with the pink slips. Not enough stamps, I guess. This is a moment that was never meant to happen. You know that, right? A moment utterly not contemplated in the Constitution. Everyone keeps waiting around like they actually care what it says.

Warner: I do care what the Constitution says.

Keane: Good. Then explain to me how you used the 25th Amendment to oust a President who is not in a coma, not in any way disabled, clearly in possession of her faculties, clearly able to discharge the duties of her office. How is that done?

Warner: Madam President, I am here to relieve you of your command.


Designated Survivor - ABC

In the April 18, 2018 episode “Kirkman Agonistes,” following the public leak of audio notes from President Tom Kirkman’s (Kiefer Sutherland) private therapy sessions after the death of his wife, the press and even D.C. bureaucrats begin questioning Kirkman’s fitness to lead the nation. His cabinet and Vice President Darby quickly move to assert the 25th Amendment:



Kirkman: What do you mean the Cabinet voted to have me removed?

Darby: The majority of the Cabinet, sir. They're invoking the 25th Amendment, Section IV.

Kendra: Which allows the President to be ousted on the basis of –

Kirkman: Mental incapacity, I know. What evidence do you have of this? Some illegally obtained recordings from my therapist, which no one should've heard?

Darby: But we have heard them, sir. And they raise justifiable concerns about your decision-making since your wife's death.

Kirkman: My decision-making? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you were standing right next to me in Command Ops when you said my decision to send the Navy seals into Kanami was the right one! This is ridiculous!

Darby: We have drafted a letter to Congress. Upon its delivery, you will be removed from office.

Kirkman: And then you will become president.

Darby: Yes, sir.

Kirkman: Then why in the hell are we even having this discussion?

Emily: You haven't signed the letter yet, have you, ma'am?

Darby: No.

Emily: And the Cabinet's vote remains unratified until you do.

Darby: Yes. I wanted to speak to you first.

Kirkman: The time to speak to me was before the Cabinet convened. And you damn well know it.

Darby: I could not do that, sir. The process demands secrecy.

Kirkman: Once it's in motion, yes. But not before. You, my vice president, had every opportunity to express her concerns to me before you orchestrated this crap.

Darby: I understand that you're upset.

Kirkman: You do, do you?

Darby: Yes, sir. I do. And in all fairness, I think you deserve the opportunity to present your case as to why you should be retained. If you choose not to do so... I will proceed as planned.


Supergirl - The CW

In the May 19, 2019 season finale "The Quest for Peace," the show’s hero Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), also a journalist on the side through her alter ego Kara Danvers, writes an expose on Lex Luthor, detailing evidence that he committed treason, along with the president. The article is so successful it leads to the Cabinet invoking the 25th Amendment and removing the president from office. It’s truly a liberal dream come true.



Reporter: Following the revelations of CatCo reporter Kara Danvers' expose, the Cabinet invoked the 25th Amendment to remove Baker from office.

James: Talk about power of the press.

Kara: Says my injured friend. I still can't believe what happened to your eye.

Nia: Me either. I'm sorry Brainy couldn't design the harun-el extractor without kickback, but I think we're all just happy you're okay.

James: Well, I'm just happy justice prevailed and Lockwood and his cohorts got locked up. And the injury reminds me that I'm human, which I started to miss.

Nia: Well, I'm just happy people are talking again, and, you know, listening to facts.

Kara: Yeah. These have been some dark days. And I'll admit, there were some times where I thought we would never get out of it, but we didn't give up, and we kept chipping away, until we brought the truth to light. Can you believe the Fourth Estate saved the day?

Our Cartoon President - Showtime

In the May 26, 2019 episode “Culture War,” show creator Stephen Colbert hit Pelosi for refusing to impeach Trump in the House, while Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are shown as the heroic ones calling for his removal from office.



Ocasio-Cortez: Madame Speaker! We need to open an impeachment inquiry into President Trump!

Pelosi: Damn it!

Ocasio-Cortez: The Mueller Report showed clear evidence he obstructed justice, and now he refuses to comply with a single subpoena, honey.

Pelosi: Sorry, but the focus groups don't want impeachment. And Americans never change their minds. That's why Ricki Lake is still the queen of daytime TV!

Warren: Senator Elizabeth Warren here, out of breath as always.

Pelosi: Can anyone just walk into the House Chamber?

Warren: I want to lend my voice to the chorus of voices calling for impeachment.

Pelosi: Sounds great. Eat shit. Byeee!
Warren: It's the right thing to do!

Pelosi: Look, I'd love to do impeachment, but I have to compete in the Goodwill Games tomorrow, so –

Warren: Nancy, they don't do those anymore.

Pelosi: I have to go... I just heard the sun and moon are switchin' places!

Warren: If that's true, the birds would be going nuts.

Pelosi: Uhp! We just lost the lease on Capitol Hill.

Warren: Just impeach him, you stubborn bastard!

Pelosi: We can't impeach him because I love him!

Nancy, I know he's hot, but he's with Melania now. What am I even saying?

Pelosi: I'm trying to impeach him, but no one here will let me!

Ocasio-Cortez: Madame Speaker, if I may... We must put the Constitution over polls, justice over expediency, and let it be known to future generations that, in America, no honey is above the law, honey!


The Good Fight - CBS All-Access

In the April 15, 2018 episode "Day 450," the law firm is tasked with finding the best strategy for impeaching President Trump for the DNC. Their solution? Forget the law and shamelessly lie to persuade the public!



Diane: I've changed my mind about obstruction of justice.

Adrian: Diane, we just moved to your position.

Diane: And I've just moved to Liz's.

Adrian: Diane, I think we can save us-

Diane: I'm tired of "when they go low, we go high." Fuck that. When they go low, we go lower.

Adrian: Diane, we've already agreed.

Diane: No, what we agreed is that impeachment isn't just about the law. It's about persuading people. And if it's one thing that we've seen this past year, it's that lies - persuade.

Julius: Oh, my God.

Diane: Truth only takes you that far and then you need lies.

Julius: Uh, this is deranged. This is the Trump Derangement Syndrome. You're just as bad as you're accusing him of being.

Diane: No, I'm just done with being the adult in the room. I am done with being the compliant and the sensible one, standing stoically by while the other side picks my pockets, while the other side gerrymanders Democrats out of existence. A three-million-person majority, and we lost the presidency. A Congress that keeps a Supreme Court justice from being seated because he was chosen by a Democratic president.

Julius: That's not what happened.

Diane: That is exactly what happened, Julius.

Julius: Okay, then, take to the streets! Man the barricades. Because if that's what you really think, you've given up on the law. Y-You've gone well beyond any-

Diane: Actually, you don't know. I have a Smith & Wesson 64 in my desk, and I'm this close to taking to the streets.

They also had a nifty Schoolhouse Rock-style animation and song about impeachment that aired at the end accusing Trump of obstructing justice, perjury, emoluments, Russian puppetry, and treason:



Man, are they all gonna be disapointed when Trump survives impeachment and finishes out his full term!