Hollywood Admits They’ll Accept Nothing Less Than Trump’s Removal

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Though the impeachment trial won’t be deciding anything for a while still, lefty Twitter has hinted at the ultimate result of the sham no matter what “verdict” materializes, and that is either Trump’s removed from office or it’s proof that there are even more coverups going on.

The fact that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has decided to limit witnesses and set the general rules for the Senate’s judgment on the president (his job, by the way) has made the media and Twitter complain of even more corruption.

That’s the game. Unless Trump is convicted, it’s the destruction of democracy; evidence be damned.

Batty Bette Midler blasted “#MoscowMitch” McConnell and other GOP Senators as a bunch of “Communists” for playing their part in the impeachment trial. She tweeted, ‘A speedy trial’ of a criminal enterprise, with no documents and no witnesses? Sounds like the Communists, to me. But of course, it’s being run by #MoscowMitch, and he’s for sure studied his #Stalin.”

Midler also composed an inane poem on the topic, tweeting, “#MoscowMitch, the #Bolshevik! No witnesses? No worries! We’ll get him off in 4 days time, We also own the juries! The moral arc these tragic days no longer bends to justice, No matter how they try and try, Justice is for....just us.”

If only her creativity were used for something — anything — constructive.

Unhinged anti-Trump comedian Chelsea Handler insinuated conspiracy as well, tweeting that Republicans control the proceedings to such an extent that they might as well have the trial at Trump’s Florida resort. She wrote, “At this point, I’m surprised Mitch McConnell didn’t propose having the impeachment trial at Mar-A-Lago. #MidnightMitch.”

Ice Age actor John Leguizamo tweeted in anger, “Putin, Mitch and Murdoch are destroying our democracy! History will not be kind to them!” He also retweeted Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) post about Sen. McConnel’s “cover-up,” commenting “#McConnellCoverUp” fifteen times. These folks are falling for it hook, line and sinker.



The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead tweeted, “Trumps legal team are also a paid contributors to a 24 hour news channel that has no fact checking department, which means they can redefine the rules for impeachment and that seems like it’s not gonna go great for Democracy.” She’s driving full speed off that cliff as well.

Will & Grace star Debra Messing admitted she’ll never come to terms with reality by tweeting “#CoverUpMcConnell” in response to news that he won’t be listening to new claims after the window in which Democrats were allowed to bring their evidence closed. Not that it’s proper legal procedure or anything. She also shared more news on the platform, commenting “#MidnightMitch #CoverUpMcConnell.”

If these folks are this hellbent on condemning the president, what kind of reaction should we be expecting if Trump wins re-election?

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