TV News Drama on Global Warming: ‘Human Race Going to Burst Into Flames in 20 Years’

December 2nd, 2019 11:56 AM

Apple TV+’s flagship drama, The Morning Show, starring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Carell, gives a behind the scenes look at the making of a morning news show. In fact, the series has been pretty accurate in showing liberal media bias, from a reporter's anti-coal rant to the celebration of a pro-abortion protest. This week, we see a producer spreading climate alarmism behind the scenes.

In Friday’s episode, titled “Open Waters,” the producers are discussing what story to use to fill in a segment gap in the show. In arguing for a story on global warming, a producer named Nicky (David Magidoff) argues, “The fact that the human race is going to burst into flames in 20 years” is 'actual news' and connects it to California wildfires.



Joel: What about the EPA's new report on climate change?

Chip: We already cut that segment. Are we reconsidering?

Layla: The report's dry. There's nothing revelatory in it.

Nicky: Fact that the human race is going to burst into flames in 20 years feels like a pretty big story.

Mia: Really? Twenty years? I guess I missed that section.

Nicky: Maybe you read between the lines.

Mia: It's not there.

Chip: All right. Enough. Enough. Let's pull up Bradley's interview. Mia's right. It's strong. The story's blowing up.

Nicky: Just one last thing, the climate change report is actual news.

Joel: Whoa. Let it go, Nicky.

Nicky: It's connected to the fires we just spent half of the week covering.

Mia: Stop pushing.

TV news pushing climate alarmism - yup, sounds about right!

Alarmists can't seem to get their predictions right - we've heard warnings of 20, 12, and even 10 years - but they are still positive the world will come to a horrific end soon because of global warming. The only surprise here is that the show doesn't breathlessly air the segment; this is where the series veers into fiction.