NY Times Column Urges Bezos to Become ‘Traitor to His Class’

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos is now the world’s wealthiest man, and the liberal media love denouncing him for it.

They’ve also started telling him what to do with his money and power now that he’s begun giving some of it away. Bezos is estimated to be worth $162 billion, and he and his wife announced on Sept. 13, they would give $2 billion to address homelessness and preschool education.

Embracing the predictable “eat the rich” mentality of the left, one New York Times tech columnist argued that Bezos should “push for nobody to get as rich as Jeff Bezos,” on Sept. 19.

Farhad Manjoo wrote, “Once you understand the forces pushing Mr. Bezos’ fortune ever skyward, one strategy for how he might spend it emerges above all others.”

For that “strategy,” Manjoo turned to Winners Take All author Anand Giridharadas who said, “I think the most important thing the can do with his money is to become a traitor to his class.” The author told the Times Bezos should “fix” the world by promoting policy changes that “would create a more equal distribution of the winnings ...”

In other words, take the “vast fortune” from his capitalist labors to lobby for a form of one of the left’s favorite ideas: socialism.

Of course, the “S” word didn’t appear in the column.

What specific policies did Manjoo and Giridharadas argue Bezos should promote?

“Several liberal economy policy ideas, among them efforts to strengthen unions, equalize how we pay for education, increase minimum-wage laws and push for a more progressive tax system,” the article said before Manjoo admitted it was “unlikely” to happen.

Manjoo’s liberal history at the Times includes a business column that called for Twitter to police tweets and enforce “reputational guidelines,” rather than being a “public square” for all sorts of voices. He also lied about a taking two months “unplugged” from social media, that even Columbia Journalism Review wrote about.


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