NBC’s ‘The Carmichael Show’ Exposes Feminist’s True Nature

I was torn over whether or not to write this post. However, as my perfect wife always says, any shot against feminism is worth posting. And since every wife/mother gets whatever she wants on Mother’s Day, here we are.

First, some background. On Sunday night’s edition of The Carmichael Show, titled ‘Man’s World,’ Jerrod (plays himself) and Maxine (Amber Stevens West) get in a heated exchange over whether there is any such thing as a “man’s job.” Or, anything that is exclusively “women’s work.”

To prove that there are no jobs a woman can’t do, Maxine, with Jerrod’s mother watching close by, tries to change a tire on a car. Operative word being “try”:

Maxine: Come on. I cannot let Jerrod win, 'cause I will never hear the end of it.

Cynthia: With all that yoga you've been talking about, I thought you had more upper body strength.

Maxine: God. What if we were on the side of the road somewhere, and no one was around to help us?

Cynthia: I wouldn't be there. If it was a road trip with just you and me, I'd stay home.

Maxine: Can you at least help me?

Cynthia: No, because this is crazy. Wasting a whole day watching you try to prove something you don't even need to prove. It's not even worth a hundred dollars. I mean, I'm gonna keep it, though. What is this about, Maxine? You think Jerrod wants a-a girlfriend who can change a tire?

Maxine: I don't care what kind of girlfriend Jerrod wants.

Cynthia: Well, then, Maxine, what is this for? The world doesn't care if you can't change a tire. And I know that you don't have to change a tire before you go in to one of them feminist bra-burning meetings of yours.

Maxine: It's because no one ever takes me seriously!

Cynthia: Did you just stomp your foot? Well, that was adorable.

Maxine: Ugh, God. See? Everyone just thinks that I'm cute and I'm nice. No one's scared of me. No one thinks I'm a formidable opponent. Any time I try to do anything that requires any sort of strength, a man thinks that I need his help, but I don't.

Cynthia: Maxine. I do not think you are helpless. In fact, I think you are one of the most bull-headed, aggravating people I have ever met. When you find a bone to pick, you just won't let it go. And even when you win the argument, you're still just picking at it.

Maxine: Really? Thank you, Cynthia.

Cynthia: That is not a compliment. You should be offended by what I just said to you, and honestly, I think this is what's going to break up you and my son.

Maxine: What? My belief that a woman can be more than a wife and a mother?

Cynthia: Oh, well, excuse me, Ms. 28-year-old, "I think I can change a tire to prove I'm equal." True feminism is when a woman knows where she wants to be in the world. Now, if you want to join the Army, and get trench foot, you go for it. But if I want to be in my kitchen, baking cookies for my family, then you can't say boo to me, because I have burned bigger bras than you will ever wear.

Wild idea, right? The notion that true feminism is a woman finding her niche in the world, as opposed to having her niche dictated to her by bitter, leftist activists who never got invited to prom. Why, it’s almost like feminism would actually be a movement based on what was genuinely good for women, instead of a political tool aimed at destroying the nuclear family, neutering men, and trying to turn all sex into rape.

Crazy talk.


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