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Dan Gainor, The Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow and Vice President for Business and Culture for the Media Research Center, is a veteran editor with two decades’ experience in print and online media. He has served as an editor at several newspapers including The Washington Times and The Baltimore News-American. Mr. Gainor also has extensive experience in online publishing – holding the position of managing editor for CQ.com, the Web site of Congressional Quarterly, and executive editor for ChangeWave, published by Phillips International. He has worked in financial publishing in his last two positions, launching new services for ChangeWave and Agora Inc. Mr. Gainor holds an MBA from the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business and a master’s in publications design from the University of Baltimore. As an undergraduate, he majored in political science and history at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Mr. Gainor volunteers as a media and issues speaker with the Close-Up Foundation.

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Back in August, I warned that the left was engaging in a cultural revolution similar to the one in China in the 1960s-’70s. Sports fans now know what I mean.

The left isn’t at war just with statues. Or just with the Founders or police officers or Trump or even the NFL. The left is trying to overturn everything it doesn’t like about America, all at once.

There’s ESPN resident loudmouth Jemele Hill bashing President Donald Trump on Twitter as “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.” Don’t agree? Guess what? That means there’s something wrong with you.

The media are lying to you. They are lying to you about DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy Obama forced through by executive fiat. They lie to you about immigration, in general. In fact, they lie to you about every major issue in America and around the world.

Yes, that’s an actual quote from an actual headline. The full headline goes like this: “Trump Can't Tell Women Apart Because He Is Actually a Blind Carnivorous Cave Zombie From The Descent.” So what did our president do to deserve such an obnoxious attack? Did he launch missiles at North Korea? Did he sell his soul to Putin? Nope, he mistook two journalists he had never met before for one another. Yep, here’s Jezebel take, saying Trump’s sin was “after confusing two Finnish journalists who happened to be sitting next to each other during a press conference.”

The left has gone out of its mind. In a mad rush to overturn more than 500 years of American history, liberals want to replace it with something far worse. Out goes Columbus. In comes, monstrous Aztec sacrifice. Just don’t expect the news outlets to admit it.

“Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.” -- Chairman Mao. It’s only a couple weeks after Charlottesville and the left is hammering away at American history. Alt-left idiots are ordering the removal of Civil War monuments from Baltimore, Maryland, to Austin, Texas, and trying to change place names, as well. But this fight has little to do with those monuments. As a result, the alt-left has targeted Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and even Joan of Arc. This isn’t a movement. Or even a purge. It’s a cultural revolution.

Ordinarily, this is a mostly fun column to point out how extremely whacky the alt-left is in America. We’ll get to that, but first, it’s important to know that the alt-left is also violent and dangerous. The media have gone berserk, angry that President Trump dared call out the left for its own violent lunatics. “I do think there's blame on both sides. You look at both sides. I think there's blame on both sides and I have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either and- and- and- and if you reported it accurately, you would say it,” explained the president.

Leave it to the loony fringe from Its Going Down -- the folks too illiterate to use an apostrophe -- to hate on nations and borders. IGD is a pro-antifa site that was recently banned on the funding site Patreon. (Here’s their wildly spun version of events.) IGD posted a big piece called: “Borders: The Global Caste System.” Actual quote one: “The border is not just a wall or a line on a map. It’s a power structure, a system of control. The border is everywhere that people live in fear of deportation, everywhere migrants are denied the rights accorded citizens, everywhere human beings are segregated into included and excluded.”

CNN fired commentator Jeffrey Lord after his big Twitter battle with Media Matters president Angelo Carusone. Lord had criticized the lefty outlet for being Soros-funded. Carusone repeatedly claimed on Twitter that Media Matters had only received “one donation one time...in 2010” from billionaire George Soros.

Turns out, that’s not at all true.

Erick Erickson says, “You will be made to care.” He couldn’t be more accurate. The alt-left has decided to invade every aspect of our lives and wreck them all. It’s the reason why ESPN and moronic outlets from Deadspin to the Baltimore Sun want the Ravens to sign cop-hating quarterback Colin Kaepernick. It’s also the reason why the left is now mad at actor William Shatner.

There’s hypocrisy. Then there’s former Vice President Al Gore. For him, it’s like a superpower. Gore was the headliner for CNN’s “global town hall event” called “THE CLIMATE CRISIS.” It included moderator Anderson Cooper, Al Gore and questioners from the audience. The actual town hall took place in New York City, according to a CNN spokesperson.

Take your stinkin’ paws off my photo you damn dirty ape. OK, it’s not exactly Charlton Heston, but the war between Peta and a photographer isn’t Planet of the Apes either. It’s still a struggle of man vs. ape. In the original movie, apes took over after mankind had all-but wiped itself out with nuclear weapons. Today, we have worse tools at our disposal -- lawyers and eco-nuts. Alternet gave us both wrapped up in the same wacky package.

It’s eight months since election day and six since President Trump took office. And the left is still writing stories about how they can’t cope with the results. It’s like a good chunk of the nation has PTSD or just sore-loser disease. The latest comes to us from the nutters at Bustle. That website pretends to be mainstream, only it's not. It’s certifiable alt-left nonsense. The site uses all sorts of hip slang so it pretend be something other than an ad vehicle. Look for terms like “turnt,” “BFF,” “sassy AF” and more. It’s also obsessed with The Bachelor. Oddly, one article was headlined: “How A Grown-Ass Woman Handles The ‘Slow Fade’ In Dating.” Nothing makes a site look like it’s not for a grown-ass woman than using that term.

One of the hallmarks of the alt-left is that nothing ever satisfies them. You can be 100 percent left-wing in your politics and make a minor gaffe and they will throw you under the bus. It’s a kind of extreme fascism that eventually destroys everything and everyone except the last person of indeterminate gender left standing

If you like your pronouns, you can keep your pronouns. Well, you could. But not any longer. Now, you must use whatever pronoun somebody else wants. We are now all supposed to guess who might want to be thought of as another gender. Or, act like idiots and ask gender pronouns of everyone we meet.

Liberals don’t like the founding documents -- especially the Constitution. (It’s sooooo old!!!!) It’s not that they don’t like to read. Toss them a page-turner about intersectionality and they are all over it. Stuff the Founding Fathers did, not so much. They don’t like free press, though they claim they do. 

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Those are the famous words of then-Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Coming just a day after an alt-left nutball tried to kill a baseball diamond full of Republicans, it’s worth understanding how liberals see the event. It’s an opportunity.

I am woke, hear me snore no longer. This week’s column will be devoted to diversity, just like the left wants. We’ve got women. Heck, we’ve probably got womyn. Even super women.

And who’s more super than Gal Gadot? Beautiful. Successful. Even filmed Wonder Woman while pregnant. She’s so amazing that an entire nation is boycotting her because she’s also an Israeli and even served in the Israeli Defense Force (as required).

By all rights, this should be the climate change/Kathy Griffin/Scott Pelley/covfefe edition. Those are just the big stories that broke in the last 48 hours. The news cycle is just as insane as the news media covering it.

Trump has ditched the Paris climate non-treaty (never approved by the Senate). Nearly talentless comedian Kathy Griffin has dropped from the D List so far that she’s nearly caught me in F+ celebrity land and even lefty CNN dropped her. (After Squatty Potty!) CBS cut anti-Trump anchor Scott Pelley from its evening news and sent him into 60 Minutes exile. And the media went nuts over another Trump tweet -- obsessing over a typo.

Writers become oddly specialized in topics the more they write. Usually that’s a mixture of your own interests and stories you have to cover. I’ve focused on energy, Israel and even lefty protests.

But witchcraft? Apparently, I have to focus on that for a spell. (Boo!) Three years ago, I wrote about the culture in post-Christian America. I included the truly awful and anti-Christian TV show Salem in that cultural cauldron. Witchery abounded.