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Alexander Wallace Reyes was born and has lived most of his life in the State of Minnesota, where the political atmosphere often did not match his viewpoints. He now resides in Washington, D.C. and aims to share with others the greatness of the American Way of Life. 

When it comes to getting out of one's comfort zone Alex has experience, as he is a reservist with the United States Army, has interned with Police officers, and has been a student teacher at both the high school and college levels.    

Reyes holds a B.A. in Spanish and Human Services from the University of Minnesota Morris, and he eventually plans to pursue a M.S. in Criminal Justice at  Liberty University.

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With seemingly nothing to report on President Donald Trump's briefings on the Coronavirus pandemic, Univision’s morning show Despierta America reverted instead to knocking Trump for having the temerity to tweet that he saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

A la par con la caida del mercado bursátil debido al temor por el coronavirus de Wuhan, MRC Latino analizó la cobertura al tema de la economía en las cuatro cadenas noticiosas en español con mayor audiencia en Estados Unidos (Noticiero Univisión, Noticiero Telemundo, CNN en Español y Noticiero Estrella TV), desde el 25 de febrero hasta el 24 de marzo de 2020.

As the fear of the Wuhan Coronavirus drove the market downturn, MRC Latino analyzed the economic coverage for the four most viewed Spanish News networks in the US (Noticiero Univision, Noticiero Telemundo, CNN en Espanol, and Noticiero Estrella TV) from February 25 through March 24, 2020. 

El 10 de marzo, el noticiero vespertino de Univisión reportó la forma desacertada en que Joe Biden le contestó a un trabajador de fábrica durante su visita a Michigan. Sin embargo, a pesar de haber mostrado el lenguaje vulgar del candidato demócrata, el noticiero dejó fuera el preciso momento cuando Biden amenazó con abofetear al obrero después de llamarle "pende…"

On March 10th, Univision’s evening newscast Biden’s unhinged response against an automotive worker during his visit to Michigan. While the vulgar language covered by the Democratic nominee was shown, the key feature in which Biden threatened to slap the worker along with calling him a “horse’s a**” was completely ignored.

Durante el mes de febrero de 2020, MRC Latino analizó la cobertura de las primarias demócratas. El resultado de este análisis muestra que Bernie Sanders dominó la cobertura tanto en Univisión como en Telemundo, obteniendo casi el doble de tiempo en el aire que los otros candidatos demócratas. 

For the month of February, 2020, MRC Latino analyzed coverage of the 2020 Democratic primaries. The results showed that Bernie Sanders dominated coverage on both Univision and Telemundo, garnering nearly twice as much coverage as the rest of the Democratic field combined.

Univision, now seemingly convinced that politicians were not persuasive enough to swing the Latino vote in their favor, resorted to searching for someone in Hollywood who could. Unfortunately for them, the only person available was Ben Affleck.

Cuando Telemundo informa sobre el cambio climático, las declaraciones pueden llegar a ser ridículas e incluso aterradoras. Así que cuando el programa matutino de Telemundo "Un Nuevo Dia" dedicó un segmento a medias sobre cómo el cambio climático afectaba nuestra salud mental, no le sorprendió a nadie que el objetivo final era "hacer cambios radicales en la forma en que hoy nos comportamos con el planeta".

When Telemundo reports on Climate Change, the statements range from laughable to terrifying. So when Telemundo's morning show “Un Nuevo Dia” made an incomplete segment on how Climate Change affects our mental health,  it should not come as a surprise that the ultimate goal was to “Create radical changes on how we behave towards the planet.”  

Compared to MRC Latino’s original study five years ago, the two main Spanish-language evening news broadcasts in the U.S. have become even more heavily skewed to the left. Out of 812 stories on U.S. politics and policy, more than 70 percent were slanted in a liberal direction, compared with 240 stories (29.6%) that were balanced or neutral and only two (0.2%) which were favorable to conservatives.

On a segment that aired on its website, Entravision’s Sunday political affairs show Politica Ya submitted its entry onto the longstanding effort to make Julián Castro a thing --- this time, casting the only Latino candidate in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary as the underdog that defies all the odds. The report got going with biographical details intended to convey a had sell of Castro to viewers. But ultimately, the interview veers into the policy most important to our domestic Spanish-language media.

Univision’s Spanish-language newscast was totally silent on both Trump’s Title X regulation on abortion, and Leana Wen’s resignation from Planned Parenthood. Check out the full post to see how anchor Aranxta Loizaga frames Planned Parenthood in a most favorable light by claiming that Trump's new regulation is “Hailed by Religious Conservatives”, and “denounced by medical organizations and women's rights groups”.

 As soon as Trump announced his re-election campaign, CNN en Español knew it had its topic for its weekly program “Choque de Opiniones”, which displayed a false sense of non partisanship between the special guests. But at times, anti-Trump snark took precedence over substantive policy discussions.

The champion of the Democrats’ most far Left immigration policies emerged from the first debate of the 2020 presidential campaign as the virtual ‘favorite son’ of debate sponsor Telemundo. Immediately following the debate, Telemundo’s cheerleading squad kicked into high gear, with visceral expressions of support from both journalist Carmen Márquez and Latino Victory Fund Vice President Mayra Macías.

Add Spanish-language Estrella TV to the disturbing list of media outlets that have decided to celebrate, rather than critically report on, one of the latest societal aberrations being promoted by the Left: child drag queens. Calling it a “beautiful story”, Estrella TV anchor Adriana Yañez hailed the nine-year-old Texas boy who last year was a featured performer in the Austin International Drag Festival. 

Trump administration measures to pressure Mexico to halt the flow of asylum seekers traversing their country are sparking a surge in support among Mexicans for cracking down on illegal immigration.

Showing its fierce determination not to cede an inch in liberal advocacy to arch-rival Univision, Telemundo, the Spanish language sister television network of NBC, has announced its decision to uncritically and wholeheartedly embrace climate alarmism in its coverage of climate and environmental news.

As has been documented over the years by MRC Latino, Spanish-language television in the U.S. has long been plagued by an overwhelming amount of messaging in favor of all kinds of gun control measures. Veteran Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, in fact, is well known for leading that charge.

True to form, the most far left Spanish-language television network in the country, Estrella TV,
provided totally one-sided coverage of public sentiment on the bevy of new state laws restricting abortion.