CNN en Español Anchor: Trump Voters Are Old People Who Have to Pee a Lot

July 12th, 2019 11:54 AM

As soon as Trump announced his re-election campaign, CNN en Español knew it had its topic for its weekly program “Choque de Opiniones”, which displayed a false sense of non partisanship between the special guests. But at times, anti-Trump snark took precedence over substantive policy discussions.

Watch below as Pro-Trump Champ Jesús Márquez talks about attendance at Trump rallies, only to have host Juan Carlos Lopez paint Trump supporters with a broad brush and dismiss them as geriatrics with urinary issues:

JESUS MARQUEZ, LATINOS FOR TRUMP: (Standing) in line for  President Trump's rallies...there are more people waiting in line to go to the bathroom than (there are) at Biden rallies , for example. This is something illogical that we see.. 

MARIA CARDONA, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST, CNN: (Laughs out loud) ...oh, my God.

JESUS MARQUEZ, LATINOS FOR TRUMP: It's the truth we see 100 to 200 people...  which we’re seeing 40,000 people who love Donald Trump.

MARIA CARDONA, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST, CNN: (Interrupting) Trump does not know the meaning of truth.

JUAN CARLOS LOPEZ, HOST, CHOQUE DE OPINIONES: What happens is...Jesús...Jesús... what happens is that they are in a point in their lives where they have to go to the bathroom more frequently.

Lopez sided with CNN’s very own Maria Cardona, as she was agreeing with Lopez more often than anyone else on the panel. Marquez had to be the one to call Cardona out as she kept saying that Trump actions were “racist” and “disgusting”.   

The point of a debate is for two different ideologies to come together and present all sides of an issue, and the ideal takeaway is that both parties might better understand each other. Unfortunately, CNN seemed to have other plans. In this case, CNN seemed more interested in conveying to its viewers that Trump and his supporters are a geriatric and frequently-peeing joke.