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According to a Michigan-based survey to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, user satisfaction with Facebook is dropping rapidly. As the study reported, “ACSI results show a dramatic loss in user satisfaction with Facebook, and the site plummets 6% to the industry’s bottom with an ACSI score of 63.”

A first generation Korean-American chef was banned by Reddit moderators for featuring his beagle snooping behind some Korean barbecue. The expert chef, who goes by “Turtleramen” on Imgur, posted a thread titled “How my dog got me banned from Reddit's food community.” In it he explained how “I do this thing where I post food pics with my [dog], Pamn. I posted this to Reddit r/food last year with the title ‘Korean BBQ.’ It was my first post to reach the front page. A proud moment... until the mods banned me.” 

U.S. ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell tweeted on July 30 asking why Twitter allows the “terrorist organization” Hamas to use its platform. He asked: “Why is @Twitter allowing a terrorist organization to use its platform?” before demanding that the Big Tech giant needs to “revamp their guidelines immediately.”

America’s favorite Border Patrol officer, Kiara Cervantes -- hailed as the ICE Bae' -- has called for a boycott against Instagram after the Big Tech giant deplatformed her. Apparently, Instagram allows multiple accounts that pretend to be her while banning the actual Kiara Cervantes herself. 

Conservatives have learned the hard way that liberals use culture to change people’s politics. Now the left is talking about how to change minds with hidden messages in video games. The latest episode of The Guardian’s tech news podcast “Chips with Everything” focused on how games can be used to reshape people politically.

Democrats who have tried to gaslight conservatives about politically motivated, Big Tech censorship will have a hard time explaining this — a lawsuit by one of their own. Presidential contender and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) is suing Google after she accused it of meddling in the 2020 election. She charged that the platform suspended her campaign’s advertising account at a critical period after the Democratic primary debate. She’s suing Google for $50 million.

Twitter will stop at nothing to block conservative content, no matter the source. Gay, black, conservative commentator Benji Irby complained that, “Twitter suspended my account indefinitely for no apparent reason on Monday, July 22nd, 2019 after posting an innocuous video reaching out to black Democrats.” He claims that the video was rocketing to popularity, “The video got 7,000 views in 8 hours before Twitter shut it and me down and now all my videos are and followers are gone.” Apparently, his success was seen as threatening to the left “I lost EVERYTHING!” he lamented. “My whole following that I've built over the past two years was through Twitter is GONE!”

The reckoning may be coming for Big Tech companies from the Department of Justice. The U.S. Department of Justice launched a massive antitrust investigation of Big Tech and whether they engage in anti-competitive behavior on Tuesday July 23. The Wall Street Journal described this as an incoming “threat for companies such as Facebook Inc., Google, Inc. and Apple Inc.” It cited the review will specifically target platforms that dominate “internet search, social media and retail services.”

Liberal journalists want to abolish the 2nd Amendment on all platforms, not just in reality. Video games correspondent Keith Stuart of The Guardian wrote an unintentionally hilarious opinion piece for Medium about how the game industry needs less gunplay. He wrote that in a “time of enormous uncertainty, widespread gun violence, and climate crisis, maybe it’s time for a new era of mainstream games that provide an escape from conflict, rather than reveling in it.” One example of where he thinks the industry should go, was studio TRU LUV’s title “SelfCare” which was described as “a series of mini-games in which you lie in bed, cuddling your cat, consulting tarot cards or sorting laundry into colors.”

Add Germany to the list of foreign governments struggling with the lax privacy policies found in Big Tech companies. The state government of Hesse, Germany, has forbidden students by law from using Microsoft Office 365 over privacy concerns as of July 9.

Only a few days after BuzzFeed thought better of endangering his life by revealing his private information, Huffington Post appears ready to do it themselves.The pro-Trump YouTuber, who goes by the online name CarpeDonktum, revealed that Huffington Post is considering releasing his personal information. This has dire implications as many public internet personalities on both sides receive death threats and harassment. 

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) roasted Google’s representative at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. The hearing, “Google and Censorship through Search Engines,” featured numerous heavy hitters from both sides of the political aisle bludgeoning the platform. When Google’s Vice President of Public Policy Karan Bhatia said that censoring conservatives would be inconsistent with Google’s values, Hawley quipped “Except for when you do it in China, right?”

The pro-Trump YouTuber who goes by the name CarpeDonktum revealed that Buzzfeed is considering releasing his personal information. Shortly after noon July 15, he announced as a “friendly heads up” that Buzzfeed “is currently in the midst of a moral dilemma about whether or not they should Dox me and my family.” Many of his comical videos have been retweeted by president Trump himself.

Key Republican leaders have called for action from the FTC, accusing Big Tech companies of threatening democracy. Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Josh Hawley of Missouri put Big Tech companies on notice by pressing the Federal Trade Commission via a July 15 open letter to investigate them for hacking American democracy. "They control the ads we see, the news we read, and the information we digest," they wrote. "And they actively censor some content and amplify other content based on algorithms and intentional decisions that are completely nontransparent."

Liberal media outlets hysterically condemned free speech defenders as “extremists” and “conspiracy theory peddlers” commenting on the White House Social Media Summit. At least six major news outlets ran with the same narrative — from CNN to NBC to The Washington Post. CNN Business headlined its article: “Trump invites right-wing extremists to White House 'social media summit,” smearing the event as an opportunity for “legitimizing fringe political allies.”

A prolific American psychologist, journalist, and author will soon unleash a report that he claims will bring down Google. 

Dr. Robert Epstein announced July 10 that he will soon publish “the most important article I've ever written, currently entitled, ‘Cutting #Google Down to Size.’” He added further that “it explains how to end Google's worldwide monopoly on search - the source of Google's limitless power to control humanity - permanently. Stay tuned.”

The Thursday Social Media Summit at the White House will rally supporters of free speech. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who plans to attend the summit, has commented that he is “concerned there are people who work at the major technology platforms who want to put their thumb on the scale.” “All we want is a fair fight,” said Gaetz. “I guess in a sense if highlighting experiences and instances of bias will result in fewer moderations that present as bias, all the better.”

BlazeTV pundit Deneen Borelli called out Facebook’s CEO for destroying her video career via censorship. Internet personalities depend upon viewers and clicks so that their videos generate ad revenue, just like how TV shows depend viewers seeing advertisements. In her July 9 video she announced “my employment at Blaze TV depended on generating advertising revenue from my ‘Here’s the Deal’ videos distributed on Facebook.”

Twitter takes safety very seriously for all its users, both real and … fictional. Vice reporter Luke Taylor wrote in his July 8 tongue-in-cheek tell-all that he was de-platformed for acting nutty. In his article, “I Was Banned From Twitter for Threatening to Kill Mr. Peanut,” he was very forthcoming about how this was not the first, second, or even third time he had threatened the cartoon Planter’s peanuts mascot. 

Free speech defenders rally to launch new civil rights org after attacks from rioters and corporations. Trial lawyer and RNC Commiteewoman Harmeet Dhillon announced the launch of a non-profit called Publius Lex on July 5 via Twitter. The group will help fight legal battles for Americans “whose civil rights have been violated by corporations, individuals, and/or governments,” she said.