Madness: CNN's Boykin Blame Trump Supporters for Violence In Streets

August 31st, 2020 3:53 PM

As soon as the media realized that ignoring the violent left-wing riots destroying cities across America wasn’t an effective strategy for Democrats to win in November, they’ve immediately pivoted to blaming President Trump for the violence. CNN political commentator Keith Boykin took it a step further by claiming Trump supporters, not Antifa or Black Lives Matter agitators, were the ones “…


CNN Analyst Keith Boykin Drops KKK-Bomb on GOP Hearing-Room Surge

October 24th, 2019 11:28 PM
Just a day after CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin shamed Democrats for using lynching metaphors in politics, CNN commentator Keith Boykin leapt right back into the sleaze on The Lead with Jake Tapper on Thursday, comparing Republicans surging into a House impeachment hearing to a Ku Klux Klan lynching party. “This looked like a Klan group assembled outside a jail trying to get the sheriff to let them in…

Solid: Tapper Grills McGrath About Comparing Trump’s Election to 9/11

July 10th, 2019 5:59 PM
Amidst the liberal media’s Beto-like treatment for Kentucky senatorial candidate Amy McGrath (D) and NBC’s hit piece against McGrath opponent and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, CNN’s The Lead host Jake Tapper didn’t follow in lockstep on Tuesday, pressing McGrath on her long odds and her gross analogy comparing the 2016 election to September 11, 2001.

CNN’s Boykin, Jones Mourn Smollett’s Role in Hoax as ‘Fall of an Icon'

February 21st, 2019 11:18 PM
The bizarre tale of Empire star Jussie Smollett took another interesting turn on Thursday morning, when black commentators appeared on CNN with At This Hour host Kate Bolduan to discuss the charges of disorderly conduct filed by the Chicago police against Smollett.Keith Boykin -- who said he has known Smollett for eight years -- said he was “devastated” by the accusations of staging a fake…

WATCH: CNN Repeatedly Silences Any Talk About Northam Abortion Scandal

February 4th, 2019 10:35 AM
Over the weekend, calls mounted for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign over racist photos that were found in his medical school yearbook. Yet the Democrat’s controversial comments supporting a radical abortion law proposed by his party was swept under the rug by the media. CNN even went out of its way to silence any conservative guests who tried to bring up that story on their network this…

CNN Panel Shuts Down GOP Guest for Bringing Up Extreme Abortion Bill

February 2nd, 2019 5:01 PM
On Friday's Erin Burnett Outfront on CNN, during a discussion of revelations that Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam included a racist photograph in his portion of his medical school's yearbook, frequent Republican guest Stephen Moore was lambasted and cut off by other panel members when he brought up the other controversy involving Northam from this week -- that he defended an extreme…

‘CNN Tonight’ Beclowns Itself, Again Questions Trump’s Health

December 7th, 2017 5:18 PM
On Wednesday’s CNN Tonight, the show opened itself up to some well-deserved mockery by again questioning the health of President Trump and used his Jerusalem speech to argue that he’s “not in perfect health” and could be starting to slur his words. “New Tonight; Did President Trump Slur His Speech,” the snarky CNN chyron read to the delight of faux Republicans, liberals, and Resistance followers…

Lefties: ‘Nitwit’ Kelly Was ‘Odious’ ‘Coward’ Making ‘Bizarre' Remarks

October 19th, 2017 6:18 PM

In addition to CNN, liberal activists, actors, journalists, and trolls disturbingly berated and maligned the character of John Kelly following his Thursday Whtie House remarks, declaring him to be an “odious” “coward” and “nitwit” offering a “bizarre,” “dishonest,” and racist statement amidst the Gold Star family controversy.


Fireworks: Ferguson Battles Stacked Liberal CNN Panel Over ESPN's Hill

September 15th, 2017 3:59 PM
Late Thursday’s CNN Tonight featured the liberal media’s continued hysteria with supposed White House authoritarianism toward the press and the politicization of sports through the lens of the anti-Trump tweets by fellow leftist/ESPN host Jemele Hill. Conservative talk radio host Ben Ferguson admirably took on the both deranged and pointed remarks from devoted liberals panelists in host Don Lemon…

Lemon: Lee Statues Are Like Naming a School After Osama Bin Laden

August 18th, 2017 5:03 PM
Late in the going on Thursday’s CNN Tonight, two eyebrow-raising claims arose when host Don Lemon compared Robert E. Lee statues to having schools named after Osama Bin Laden while political commentator Keith Boykin defended the Missouri liberal who called for President Trump’s assassination.

CNN Anchor SCREAMS at Ex-Navy SEAL for Knocking 'Anonymous Sources'

May 19th, 2017 4:34 PM

Former Navy SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) officer Carl Higbie defended Donald Trump even though he was surrounded by critics of the Republican president during a discussion that quickly turned into a hostile debate on the Cable News Network during Tuesday, May 16.


Ben Ferguson Dismantles Ivanka Trump Pay-for-Play Accusations

December 22nd, 2016 12:20 AM
The liberal media had been trying to make a lot of hay out of accusations that the Trump family had tried to sell access to themselves and their president-elect father. So far such concerns seem to have little merit since all of the instances pointed to by accusers have not actually happened. But that didn’t stop it from being a topic of conversation on CNN’s OutFront on Wednesday. “This has been…

BLM Advocate Provokes Bill O'Reilly Into Cutting off His Microphone

October 24th, 2015 3:35 PM
During Thursday night's edition of The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel, host Bill O'Reilly tried to demonstrate the bad judgment of the Democratic National Committee allying itself with the Black Lives Matter movement, which has members who have called for violence against police officers in protests all across the country. However, Keith Boykin, an African-American who once served as a…

The GOP's 'War on Women' is Intensifying, At Least According to MSNBC

October 18th, 2012 3:23 PM
Leave it to MSNBC to set the record straight, where a defense of conservativism is strictly forbidden.  With no one to dispute such claims, one would think the GOP's "war on women" has never been more overt or frightening -- especially after watching News Nation's host Tamron Hall discuss these issues of inequality with her openly liberal guests. On the Oct. 17 edition of News Nation, Hall…