Seldom will you see such a clear case of advocacy journalism as this: Jorge Ramos pitching comprehensive immigration reform to the father of a young California man murdered by an illegal immigrant in 2008, just three doors down from his home. But this is exactly what Fusion viewers saw last night as part of the Univision affiliate's coverage of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Pocas veces verán un ejemplo tan claro y contundente de periodismo de agenda como esto: Jorge Ramos vendiéndole reforma migratoria integral al padre de un joven de California asesinado por un indocumentado en el 2008, a tan sólo tres puertas de su casa. Sin embargo, ésto es precisamente lo que presenciaron los televidentes de Fusion el lunes en la noche como parte de su cobertura de la Convención Nacional Republicana en Cleveland.

Se puede apostar con bastante seguridad a que en las noticias difundidas por Telemundo, la cadena hermana en español de NBC, no se verá mucho del lado de quienes favorecen la aplicación de la ley. Ese fue el caso esta semana, cuando una vez más la cadena pasó por alto los argumentos de quienes se oponen a las ciudades santuario mientras las autoridades de San Francisco debatían precisamente esa política.

It’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll never see much of the pro-law enforcement side of any news story on NBC’s Spanish-language sister network, Telemundo. That was the case again this week, as the network once again failed to fairly cover anti-sanctuary city views, just as officials in San Francisco were debating their sanctuary city policy.

In a week where the networks have reported sympathetically towards illegal immigrants benefiting from President Obama’s immigration policies, they ignored a significant House hearing that revealed the terrible effects of these policies. Two mothers of teenagers murdered by illegal immigrants pleaded with Congress to step up enforcement of immigration policies and protect innocent Americans from criminal gangs entering the U.S. illegally.

In a properly functioning news environment, where genuine journalists recognize important news and report it without first screening its relevance through a PC filter, the deaths of volunteer firefighter Peter Hacking and his two young daughters in a car crash near Wylie, Texas last week would have become a widely covered national story by now. Sadly, virtually the only reason it's known at all outside of Texas is because a center-right media outlet learned of it, and Matt Drudge has headlined it.

Given the prominence of illegal immigration in the two major parties' presidential contests this year, and the death of Kate Steinle at the hands of an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported several times in the sanctuary city of San Francisco last year, the Hackings' deaths should be national news.

El estreno de un nuevo noticiero nacional debe ser, bajo circunstancias normales, motivo de celebración para un mercado con hambre y sed de productos más diversos y equilibrados. Sin embargo, cuando tal noticiero estrena con más de la política de identidad de siempre, es motivo de preocupación.

The launch of a new national Spanish-language newscast should, under normal circumstances, be a cause for celebration for a market that hungers for more diverse and balanced product offerings. But when a brand-new show launches with more of the same identity politics, it is a cause for concern.

Univisión despotrica contra proyecto de ley en la Florida que busca eliminar las llamadas ciudades santuario.

Univision smears proposed Florida anti-sanctuary efforts as "anti-immigrant".

Donald Trump saw his remarks about illegal immigration twisted into supposed advocacy for a database of Muslims, and the MSNBC headline came with a major twist: "Trump’s plan for a Muslim database draws comparison to Nazi Germany."

This is shameful. Utterly unprofessional journalism. And utterly typical. And you wonder why the American people have such a low opinion of journalists?

Fox’s Minority Report has given us several glimpses into the future in its short run. And pretty much all of them stink. There was the hometown of our two main Pre-Cog characters that was ravaged by global warming, the Redskins changing their names to the Red Clouds, Obama’s face on the $500 dollar bill, and now, as if you didn’t already want to throw yourself out of a window...I now present to you with Amnesty Day.