BusinessWeek Lauds 'Savvier Media' for Silencing Global Warming Skeptics

BusinessWeek praised "savvier media" for helping discredit global warming skeptics in an article focused on corporate support for carbon cap legislation, which will cost businesses and consumers.

"In addition, contrarians have taken a hit from a savvier media. Instead of just quoting a scientist on both sides of the debate, journalists increasingly have assessed the weight of the evidence and explained who was behind the opposing views," explained BusinessWeek in the April 23 issue.

The result was listed in the subhead of the story: "with the skeptics almost silenced." Note, it does not say silent. The skeptics still exist, and are still talking, but the media has "silenced" them.

The article also lauded corporations now lobbying for carbon limits.

While BusinessWeek was quick to applaud the media for investigating climate skeptics and their funding, no such information was provided for Greenpeace or National Resources Defense Council experts quoted by the magazine.

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