An invitation to a fancy state dinner at the White House clearly isn’t seen as an obvious sign that a journalist is “in the tank” for President Obama. Friday night’s state dinner for the presidents of five Nordic countries drew two nightly-news anchors – David Muir of ABC and Lester Holt of NBC – three, if you count Fox Special Report anchor Bret Baier.

Muir and ABC News vice president Robin Sproul were probably hoping the Obamas were too polite to notice that just last year, Muir editorialized that an “elegant state dinner” went forward while Baltimore was shut down over rioting!

While People magazine has long been a pliant propaganda partner for Democratic presidents – they’ve gushed over the Clintons and the Obamas – Donald Trump is being questioned about his similarities to Hitler in an April 11 cover story.

“Who is the real Donald Trump? He's volatile, savvy and, some say, scary,” proclaimed the cover. People senior editor Charlotte Triggs and political reporter/Democrat-publicist Sandra Sobieraj Westfall made Hitler comparisons and complained they got “non sequitur” answers:

People magazine interviewed Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton in the latest issue for a "Campaign Trail Scrapbook" and reporter Sandra Sobieraj Westfall brought the usual syrup. On the table of contents, over a picture of Chelsea resting her head on Hillary's shoulder, they aid "As voting begins, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton reveal the personal side to this year's raucous race to the White House."

Over a two-page photo of the two women, People's headline for the story was "On The Road: In an unexpectedly tough race, the former Secretary of State has her daughter and "blissful" playdates with granddaughter Charlotte to keep her going strong."

The April 13 edition of People magazine displays the usual liberal bias – trashing Gov. Mike Pence on religious freedom with attack-quotes from Hillary Clinton and the policy genius known as Miley Cyrus. (College: None.)

But they also published a gushy two-page spread on “Ted Kennedy’s Treasures.” Geared like everyone else in the liberal media to the opening of the new Teddy shrine. A subheadline noted "The late Senator's office -- from photos to letters and dog bowls -- has been re-created at Boston's Edward M. Kennedy Institute."

People magazine dragged out its goo bucket again to praise ultraliberal Senator Elizabeth Warren in the latest (November 3) issue. The headline is “The YouTube Senator: As she fought the big banks, she never expected that Senate hearings would go as viral as cat videos – and make her a political star.”

Reporter Sandra Sobieraj Westfall began: “As she is not a dyspeptic pop star or a starlet dumping ice water on her head for charity, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren is an unlikely Internet sensation.”

People magazine scored one of those year-end interviews, and they didn’t seem interested in breaking any news. Their own “news” headline on their website: “President Obama: 'I've Got 3 Opinionated, Strong, Tall Women'” – his wife and daughters.

People managing editor Larry Hackett and reporter Sandra Sobieraj Westfall began by citing “NSA spying,, and the shutdown,” only to pull up lame and ask “What have you learned about your management style?” Isn’t the better question what America learned about his lack of management? Obama lunged straight into blame-shifting, blaming – get this – the bigness of government:

To prove the liberal media never, ever stops promoting the Kennedy “dynasty” ad infinitum, the December 16 edition of people magazine highlights this story in the table of contents: “JFK’s only grandson, Jack Kennedy Schlossberg, steps up to carry the family torch.” He’s only 20 and going to Yale. The headline is "HEIR TO CAMELOT."

Next to his picture on page 92 is the caption “A HUNK LIKE HIS UNCLE: Schlossberg has JFK Jr. infatuation potential – and more. ‘He will be a major figure of his generation,’ predicts Kennedy family biographer Laurence Leamer.” It's hard to tell if this is People or a boy-band fanzine like Tiger Beat.

One might think People magazine would be embarrassed at how it was used as an early campaign brochure for Anthony Weiner in 2012, as his wife Huma Abedin tragi-comically proclaimed, "It took a lot of work to get to where are are today, but I want people to know we're a normal family." Yeah, right.

But here is People again, shamelessly selling Huma and her “very strong moral character” in an August 12 story headlined “Why Huma Stayed.” Former AP political reporter Sandra Sobieraj Westfall lays it on thick with “friends say” fluff  for the Hillary Clinton aide:

Everyone expects a People magazine interview with the Obamas is going to be about what's on the i-Pod and the president's New Year's resolution for "resisting pie." But in addition to those items, People's Sandra Sobieraj Westfall (formerly of AP) did lob a couple of adult pitches in their January 25 issue:

PEOPLE: Mr. President, after the events of Dec. 25, do you want to reconsider your B-plus? 

OBAMA: When you look at what we've done this year on national security, we perforned at a very high level in as difficult an environment as you can imagine. I had to make a very difficult decision about Afghanistan. The number of terrorist plots that we disrupted this year was extremely significant. Sadly the intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security communities don't get credit when they stop things. Nobody is satisfied with the fact that Abdulmutallab was able to get on the plane. I'm holding myself and my team responsible for fixing that situation. 

So the answer to reconsidering his B-plus is basically "No."