Toadies: People Magazine Hypes 20-Year-Old Son of Caroline Kennedy as 'A Hunk Like His Uncle' JFK Jr.

December 8th, 2013 3:10 PM

To prove the liberal media never, ever stops promoting the Kennedy “dynasty” ad infinitum, the December 16 edition of people magazine highlights this story in the table of contents: “JFK’s only grandson, Jack Kennedy Schlossberg, steps up to carry the family torch.” He’s only 20 and going to Yale. The headline is "HEIR TO CAMELOT."

Next to his picture on page 92 is the caption “A HUNK LIKE HIS UNCLE: Schlossberg has JFK Jr. infatuation potential – and more. ‘He will be a major figure of his generation,’ predicts Kennedy family biographer Laurence Leamer.” It's hard to tell if this is People or a boy-band fanzine like Tiger Beat.

The article by former AP reporter Sandra Sobieraj Westfall oozed “Jack Schlossberg radiated debonair brightness as he played host at a D.C. dinner for Medal of Freedom honorees on November 20....Schlossberg nailed it with a jaunty ease reminiscent of his uncle John F. Kennedy Jr., who he admires.”

“Jack is very interested in John Jr.s life, and loves being compared to him,” said an anonymous friend of the Kennedy clan. So People magazine obliges like typically obsequious liberals.

Beyond the lustrous hair and heartthrob brown eyes, the two namesakes of the stories Kennedy family share a grace and humor, say those who know Schlossberg At Yale the New York City native performs comedy improv in the exaggerated Boston accent of the rest of his clan and writes boyishly witty blog posts.”

As if this isn’t ridiculously pandering enough, this takes the case. A “college friend” swears “He’s just Jack. He’s proud of his family, but he doesn’t use that in any way.”

People magazine is just preposterous in its truth-denying obedience.

CNN's Candy Crowley puffed up young Jack in an interview at the 2012 Democratic convention alongside his mom, in which he promises he's most interested in the family business:

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