May 29, 2008 Screencap of | NewsBusters.orgTeam Obama: Ready for Prime Time? Aides who were lobbyists, preachers who are controversial, a murky message. Can Obama get back on course?

Wow, who in the MSM wrote that story? No one. I simply replaced McCain with Obama in the front page teaser for a May 29 article by Time magazine's Michael Scherer.

We need not belabor Obama's "murky message" and controversial preachers. And we've previously established the media's lack of interest in Obama's numerous gaffes.

What about the lobbyist issue? As the LA Times noted on May 25, "[c]ampaigning without them is easier said than done" for both McCain and Obama.

Indeed, Obama campaign chief David Axelrod has a history of lobbying work, including spearheading an ad campaign on behalf of Commonwealth Edison: