Washington Post reporter, MSNBC guest

Earlier this week, the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) announced its 2019 award winners ahead of the liberal media’s asinine evening of bloated nonsense at the WHCA’s dinner on April 27. While some of the award winners and honorable mentions were for serious works of journalism, The Washington Post winning for breaking the “shithole countries” story and CNN’s Kavanaugh coverage fetching an honorable mention were particularly egregious.

Showing their bias for anyone and anything anti-Trump, CNN’s At This Hour showed nothing but warm sympathy on Monday morning for Peter Strzok upon news he was fired by the FBI, repeatedly expressing hope that “he was treated fairly” and fretting that he was “a favorite punching bag” for President Trump and conservative media.

John Sexton at Hot Air pinpointed an obnoxious Washington Post article on President Trump visiting the victims of the Parkland school shooting. Post reporter Josh Dawsey openly editorialized that Trump doesn't care about victims as much as he wants to praise cops and first responders, and suggested that maybe Trump didn't meet with victims (despite Trump posting hospital pictures on Twitter).

The Russian bots are coming! The Russian bots are coming!  don't believe me? Well, the media is assuring us it must be true. How did they verify this? Why by citing a website called the "Alliance For Securing Democracy" which, along with being chock full of fancy graphs and charts that come in pink and pretty colors, assures us they have found 600 (not 601 or 599 but a nice round 600) Russian bots promoting #ReleaseTheMemo on Twitter which explains why it is trending in a big way. However, amidst all this hoopla just one not so little thing seems to be missing: names. Yes, after all that effort by AFSD they very conveniently fail to reveal the names of those insidious Boris and Natasha bots taking their orders from Fearless Leader.