Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Praise Wet A** P**sy Song

September 13th, 2022 1:04 PM

In all of my existence, I never thought I’d have to write a piece about a former first lady and her daughter discussing a song that talks about a “Wet Ass P***y." 

Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea sat down with none other than Megan Thee Stallion where the trio painted canvases and had a chit-chat for the Clinton’s new Apple TV+ series, “Gutsy.”

Naturally, mom and daughter had high praise for Megan Thee Stallion’s song, “Wet Ass P**y.”

“Chelsea follows rap music, ever since she was a little girl,” mamma Clinton told MTS. “But I kind of came to awareness of you with the Cardi B WAP.”

MTS began talking about how excited she was to work on a song with Cardi B so she could talk about sex in a song like men get to do. “The men, they seem so confident in what they’re saying and they don’t have no problem talking about their sexuality and how they gonna have sex witchu [SIC]. I was like, well, I can do that and it’s gonna sound fire comin from a woman.”

That English waz really goodly articulated Miss. Stallion. 

Chelsea added her two-sense to the WAP song as well. 

“It’s great to see women be so kind of fierce,” she said. 

Fierce is now defined as women shaking their butts in thongs for cameras and screaming about their leaky lower bits.

I suppose Merriam-Webster should update his dictionary.

I am unsure what the Clinton’s were thinking, first by allowing MTS on their show and second by talking about a song with such disgusting lyrics. 

The supposed goal of the series “Gutsy” is for the Clinton ladies to drive around the country and have conversations with supposedly “inspiring” women. 

The only thing this interview with MTS inspired me to do was wash my eyes and ears with bleach and go to church. 

Perhaps the Clintons are trying to reach younger generations by claiming that they enjoy rap music about a “Wet Ass P***y,” or perhaps they really do. Either way, I am disturbed.

I bet Bill Clinton loved this episode. It probably reminded him of that intern he took a liking to during his presidency.  

Well, I’m glad the Clintons have a new wet vagina screaming bestie! Have fun with that.