STUDY: When There’s a Slaughter, the Press Loves to Blame the Right

May 23rd, 2022 9:50 AM

An avowed racist committed an unspeakable act on May 14, 2022, murdering 10 African Americans at a grocery story in Buffalo, New York. The mainstream media reacted in a sadly predictable way: They took an evil action by a disturbed individual and attempted to link conservatives everywhere to it. 


CNN's Berman: Gun-Rights Backers 'Choose' Mass Shootings

March 24th, 2021 1:40 PM

On CNN's New Day, co-host John Berman says: "Lawmakers face a choice. It’s a choice they have faced before. Will they choose to take action, do something, anything, to try to stop these mass shootings, or will they choose the status quo?"

‘Joker’ Director Rejects ‘Far Left’ ‘Outrage’ Over Comic Book Film

September 26th, 2019 1:25 PM
Todd Phillips, director of the upcoming Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix, is pushing back against critics and protestors who claim that his R-rated comic book adaptation may inspire violence. Both he and Warner Brothers Studios insist that neither the fictional character, “nor the film, is an endorsement of real-world violence of any kind,” with the director calling out the critics as being…

Anchor Pins Aurora, Newtown, Oklahoma City On 'Extreme Right'

February 9th, 2017 5:03 PM
Univision's Feb. 7 late night national newscast delivered a little more than the usual bias and "Resistance" talking points. Viewers got to see some misdirection, an outrageous smear against conservatives, and even a bit of relativist "whataboutism."

Media Ignore Crimes of Lefty Protesters, While Smearing Conservatives

January 30th, 2017 4:42 PM
Media coverage of protests is so ideologically biased as to deceive the public.  Tea Party protests were law-abiding, and so orderly that they usually left no trash behind (unlike the recent Women’s March in Washington, or attendees of the 2009 Obama inauguration, who left behind lots of trash).   

NBC Drama Airs Hour-Long Attack on the Second Amendment

December 9th, 2015 12:29 AM
Tonight’s episode of Chicago Med was an hour-long attack on the Second Amendment and concealed carry. The episode opens when a hero high school algebra teacher takes down a would-be mass shooter at a local movie theater, a la the Aurora Theater shooting. But before you get too excited, the episode’s title was “Mistaken.”

Just Like Newtown, Aurora, Columbine Before, Media Exploit OR Shooting

October 2nd, 2015 4:37 PM
Like prior high profile mass shootings (Aurora, Newtown, Columbine) the liberal media wasted no time in exploiting the latest tragedy in Oregon to call for more gun control. On Thursday, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley hyped that “each mass shooting brings new calls for tougher gun laws” before correspondent Nancy Cordes declared that “sympathy and best wishes are all about the victims’…

MSNBC Anchor Blames Mental Illness, Not Guns, for Aurora Massacre

May 11th, 2015 8:00 PM
How about that, it took MSNBC daytime news anchor Alex Wagner all of nearly three years to see the obvious. Appearing on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher this past Friday, Wagner and other guests were discussing the ongoing trials of accused Aurora theater gunman James Holmes and Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and how terrorism should be combated.

Piers Morgan Admits American Press ‘Quite Soft’ on President Obama

October 24th, 2013 10:24 AM
Piers Morgan, the liberal host of an eponymous hour-long weeknight program on the Cable News Network, said during an interview posted on on Tuesday that the American news media have been “probably quite soft and could have gone harder” when covering President Barack Obama. But while promoting his new book -- “Shooting Straight: Guns, Gays, God and George Clooney” -- the former…

Piers Morgan Stumbles Over Second Amendment; Hails 'Most Courageous' B

October 15th, 2013 1:05 PM
Piers Morgan still can't basic details about the gun rights debate right, even after his protracted involvement in the controversy, as he revealed on Tuesday's CBS This Morning. Morgan incorrectly claimed that the First Amendment – not the Second Amendment – protected the right to keep and bear arms: "I have no problem...with a family exercising their First Amendment (sic) right to defend their…

Piers Morgan Now Claims Obama 'Worse' Than George W. Bush

June 7th, 2013 8:12 PM
During Thursday night's edition of CNN's “Piers Morgan Tonight,” the liberal host harshly criticized President Barack Obama and his administration for allowing the National Security Agency to secretly obtain the telephone records of millions of Americans. While interviewing Senator Bernie Sanders, Morgan asked the socialist from Vermont if he believed Obama's actions on surveillance are  “…

Aurora, Col. Sentinel Editor Wants NRA's 'Guilty Monsters ... Sent to

May 5th, 2013 8:36 PM
Time was, several decades ago, that local and regional news in many parts of the country served as a bit of an antidote against the relentlessly biased national establishment press. That certainly isn't the case in Aurora, Colorado, site of last year's horrible theater murders at the alleged hands of James Holmes. Dave Perry, the editor of the Aurora Sentinel, wrote a column on April 25…

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Gleefully Admits To Using Edited Video To Smea

February 27th, 2013 12:27 PM
MSNBC’s propensity to selectively edit video to smear conservatives has reached a new low.  Speaking on her self-titled show on February 21, host Rachel Maddow openly admitted to playing edited footage of Senator John McCain to smear the Arizona Republican. Speaking last week, Maddow aired footage of McCain addressing a constituent whose son was killed last year at a movie theater in Aurora,…

Top 5 Movies: 65 Violent Scenes, 185 Victims

January 16th, 2013 9:32 AM
There was another theater massacre last weekend. Casualties ran to nearly 200. Victims were incinerated, bludgeoned, beaten, stabbed, pulled apart by cars (really) and, oh yes, gunned down by the dozen. It all happened on the screen, to fictional characters. But when Hollywood stars begin demanding gun control for the rest of us, as many have in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, it’s worth…