Press Still Shielding Dems From Their Crummy Tax-Cut Bonus Comments

January 28th, 2018 3:42 PM

On January 11, Nancy Pelosi slammed as "crumbs" the wage increases and bonuses well over 100 companies had announced at that point after the new tax law's passage in December. Thursday, she went to the same well more stridently.

The establishment press, including the Associated Press, still won't report Pelosi's and others' similar comments, because they know how toxic they are.

Pelosi acts as if we're still in the 1970s media environment, when Dems could be confident that the average person would never hear about their controversial remarks. That's not true now, though today's establishment press still does all it can to shield its favored politicians.

Pelosi's amped-up Thursday remarks referenced an offensive, insulting Tom Toles editorial cartoon:




Given what a mousetrap does, Toles is accusing corporate "fat cats" and the GOP of murdering the middle class. More than 200 newspapers continue to carry Toles's irresponsible, dishonest work.

Here are Pelosi's Thursday remarks:




NANCY PELOSI: There’s a little mouse trap who’s got a little piece of cheese on there and there’s a mouse about to take it and that’s called the middle class.

And around it are fat cats, they look a lot like elephants but anyway, around there. And that’s the thing. Get this little thing and we get this big bonanza. You get the crumb, we get the banquet.

At that same event, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed that "I haven't heard of a corporate bonus of more than $1,000." Schultz somehow missed these companies which have given above-$1,000 bonuses: Fiat Chrysler ($2,000), Apple ($2,500 in restricted stock), and at least a half-dozen others identified at the Americans for Tax Reform's tax-cut "Good News List."

On the Senate floor Thursday, Democrat Chuck Schumer, that body's Minority Leader, joined the "crumbs" coalition:

... some of them (i.e., American workers) are not getting anything, some of them are getting raises, and the rest are getting crumbs ...

... the truth is these one-time bonuses are a drop in the bucket compared to what corporations could be doing for their workers.

Following the Democrats' Thursday statements, at least the following additional firms announced tax cut-driven moves: Home Depot (over 300,000 affected workers), American Family Insurance (11,000 workers), and Fedex (over 200,000). The number of workers benefiting from such moves is now over 3 million.

Friday, David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon noted that the establishment press has virtually ignored Democrats' crummy comments:

Outside of conservative media outlets, I found no coverage. I didn't even find one about Republicans "seizing" on Pelosi's remarks or "lashing out" after she had made them.

And on television, while Fox News unsurprisingly made hay of the comment, their cable counterparts didn't think it worthy of coverage. (Rutz found single glancing references on CNN and MSNBC on January 15, and nothing else.— Ed.)

The press won't even use its "Republicans attack" approach to defend these Democrats' unhinged comments because they know that merely mentioning them damages the left's short- and long-term electoral prospects.

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